Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Come together, learn from experts, and share ideas

Techly will be attending the Worldwide Developers Conference live, so make sure you follow us for live updates, insights and early reviews and product info.

  • A photo of an iPhone X.

    iOS 12 is available now: Best new features and how to upgrade

    iOS 12, Apple's latest operating system for iPhones and iPads, is now available to download for free on most Apple devices. Here are our favourite features in iOS 12 and instructions on how you can get it for yourself. Better performance and stability Updating to the latest iOS has not...

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  • Procreate app

    The Aussie app inspiring the artistic world to bring sheer brilliance to life

    You'd be surprised to know that the program used to create now infamous Stranger Things poster has nothing to do with Hollywood. The poster was created on the best app for creatives, which just happens to be the brainchild of a dedicated team of Aussies. Procreate is widely used by...

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  • Do Not Disturb function on iPhone

    Apple's next move will destroy the 'text and drive' culture

    Regardless of the amount of stats we're shown, Australians have developed a nasty habit of texting while driving. It's born of a ridiculous mentality that says 'It couldn't possibly happen to me'. That logic just doesn't hold up. There have been a host of ads targeted at Aussies - particularly...

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  • Real-life face swap

    Apple's latest conference planned for everything - even the APPocalypse

    In a world that's dangerously dependent on instant connectivity and the convenience of apps, Apple imagined what would happen if every app in the world went offline instantaneously. It was a bold move to kick off their Worldwide Developers Conference, but it underscored the importance of developers who dare to...

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  • iPad Pro comparisons

    The new iPad Pro wows designers AND augmented reality lovers alike

    One of the most exciting improvements announced at WWDC 2017 were the iPad Pro updates. The biggest (literally) news was the introduction of the brand spankin' new 10.5-inch (26.6 cm) iPad Pro, alongside the updated 12.9-inch (32.7 cm) iPad Pro. Described as being “a whole lot more to love”, the...

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  • Home Pod

    Apple launched the Siri Speaker today...but its name is totally unexpected

    Apple users have been waiting a loooong time for this. Trusted Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has given a "more than fifty percent chance" of Apple unveiling a Siri speaker - and he was right! Given Apple's recent expansion into HomeKit and the success of competing models including the Amazon Echo...

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  • WWDC Tim Cook illustration

    LIVE: Products and software updates galore at WWDC 2017

    The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is an annual event held by Apple which invites developers from all corners of the globe to come together, learn from experts, and share ideas. A number of successful projects have been supported by the groups or programs facilitated at WWDC, the Aussie apps Streaks...

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  • WWDC Tim Cook illustration

    Rumours and updates: Everything we can expect from WWDC 2017

    The world's developers have descended on San Jose, California, in recent days to attend the week-long Worldwide Developers Conference. Rumours, as every year, have been flying. Will we see an Apple-first home speaker? Will virtual reality get a reboot? Will Apple enable a revolutionary iOS interface? Will we get a...

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  • WWDC - official event image

    How to watch Apple's 2017 WWDC in Australia

    If you're a diehard Apple fan, you'll NEED to know when the Worldwide Developer's Conference begins, and how you can watch every second. Techly has your back. We'll be sitting front and centre at WWDC 2017, so make sure to follow us for live updates, insights and early reviews and...

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  • Yuma Soerianto

    Meet the incredible 10-year-old Aussie app developer taking WWDC by storm

    Yuma Soerianto has been working with code since he was six years old. This year, the St. Kilda local is knocking everyone's socks off at Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference. Soerianto is an ambitious 10-year-old who has created five apps in the past year - yes, you read that correctly...

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  • Masako Wakamiya in her TED talk

    Meet the 82-year-old genius attending Apple's WWDC this year

    Masako Wakamiya is living proof that age is not a limitation, and certainly not an excuse. At the ripe ol' age of 82, Wakamiya is a retired banker, TED talk afficienado, textbook producer, and an app developer. She'll be the oldest person in attendance at Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developer's Conference...

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  • Large Apple glass storefront

    Techly Explains: What is WWDC?

    If you're wondering about the WWDC hype, you've come to the right place. Apple has two big events each year - one in June and one in October. Techly was at last year's October event, which saw the release of the MacBook Pro. We'll be at the June Worldwide Developer's...

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