Techly’s Guest Post Series

  • Selection of Emojifit icons

    How to design a universal language for health? Emojis of course.

    At present, more than 400 million people have Type 2 Diabetes and this number is projected to grow massively in the coming years. This condition hits ethnic minorities, low literacy groups, indigenous people, migrants and lower socio-economic communities the hardest. Many of the debilitating and life-threatening complications caused by Type...

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  • Robot looking towards camera

    Would you trust a robot to manage your finances?

    The idea of artificial intelligence has captured our imagination for the past 60 years or so. But it’s no longer relegated to sci-fi movies – AI is here now. It’s accomplishing tasks which couldn’t be imagined a decade ago. AI is being used to drive cars, analyse legal documents and...

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  • Streaks is the app you need to help make good choices into habits

    If you've ever found it hard to break a bad habit, you've obviously never tried Streaks. Streaks was recognised as a top-of-the-line app when it won the Apple Design Award in 2016, and its minimalistic design has won over many fans since. The app's official tagline is "The to-do list...

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  • Girl in exercise clothes

    These Aussies used tech to crack the secret to getting fit and feeling healthy

    An entire industry has been built on the 'get fit quick' mentality, with little regard for how long the benefits of exercise last. Twelve-week programs are often abandoned after twelve weeks - that is, if they were even followed through before that. Two sporty entrepreneurs, Niall McCarthy and James Tonkin,...

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  • A slice of pizza being lifted up.

    Is Domino’s a pizza company or a tech company?

    Pizza production hasn’t changed much at Domino’s since the company’s foundation in 1960. Very few new menu items have been introduced. New ordering methods outnumber new menu items. Customers can now order pizza via Facebook, Twitter, Apple Watch, voice, “zero click”, and a new wedding registry. You read that right—wedding...

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  • Man speaking into phone

    Do voice assistants deserve more trust from humans?

    Voice control has come a crazy long way. Siri is almost ubiquitous now, and voice assistants are a dime a dozen. Alexa. Google Assistant. Cortana. Bixby. They’re everywhere, and they have a varying degree of value, success and worth. The thing is, we’re missing one key element. The biggest obstacle...

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  • two women looking at hundreds of surveillance cameras

    A practical guide to protecting your privacy online

    “But I’ve got nothing to hide!” This is the usual response I hear in response to how extensively governments and private companies track our online activity. In that case, “Great! Let me read your messages to your partner. And scroll through all of your photos." "I see here in your...

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  • Mr Koya team

    The Aussie brand that celebrates sustainability by banishing the boring

    Omar Khan is the co-founder of MR. KOYA, a men's shirt brand that breathes life into the often boring world of mens' clothing. Techly spoke to Omar as part of our Guest Post series, which teams up with innovators and creators in various industries, in order to keep you in...

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  • Acorn on moss

    This is the app making investing easier than ever for young Aussies

    There is a difference between saving and investing. I tend to be impulsive, so saving money doesn’t come naturally. For me, saving means putting aside money for a future expenditure, whereas investing is about making your money work for you, and hopefully building a path to independence. To be clear,...

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  • Fingers on a music soundboard

    MuzeRoom is the most unique way for true music fans to stay in the loop

    Ronan Mason is the co-founder and CEO of MuzeRoom – the world’s first smart content curation platform for music. Techly spoke to Ronan as part of our Guest Post series, which teams up with innovators and creators in various industries, in order to keep you in the loop with the...

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  • Guitarist singing into microphone

    The future of the music release is resilient, liberating and fan-focused

    The adoption of streaming services has drastically changed the way we consume music – now when we want our music, we want it immediately, and we want it across all of our devices. This is having a knock-on effect, with a plethora of options now available when it comes to...

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