Featured Image for Lose yourself in this collection of weird and wonderful images from Google Earth

Lose yourself in this collection of weird and wonderful images from Google Earth

A geologist from New Orleans has turned into a viral sensation by sharing 30 of the most bizarre and fascinating places he’s found on Google Earth.

The Imgur album uploaded by user “geologistsmakethebedrock” features a gallery of insanely aesthetic snaps taken from Google Earth and has raked over 100,000 views.

The locations are fascinating by themselves and many carry a huge historical weight, but the way he has composed and framed the shots makes his gallery the very definition of eye candy.

“I tried to find interesting examples of geologic processes to use in lecture presentations,” he told Bored Panda.

“That’s when I started gathering screenshots of cool stuff for myself. Then I decided to share some images on Imgur because my wife was tired of me making her look at them and listen to my explanations.”

Giving some insight on what attracts him towards a specific site, he explains his thought process: “One tip to find interesting geology things is to look for symmetry or patterns in landscapes. Most symmetry is from human activates [sic], but certain geologic processes can great semi-symmetry.”

From Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula to Milwaukee to Pakistan, prepare yourself to take a stroll around some of the most gorgeous, off-the-beaten-path places on the planet. Posts like these are the reason why procrastination is our favourite sport. Here are some of our favourites:

Pakistan border on Google Earth.

“Zoomed in on the funny shape. Looks like some sort of target for military aircrafts. It’s facing the Pakistan border and about 50 miles away… Probably not a coincidence. I hope they don’t miss by too much because the surrounding area is heavily populated.”

Pile of black material in Arizona on Google Earth.

“A huge pile of some black stuff due west of Douglas, Arizona. It looks like a spoil pile from a mine, but I don’t see evidence of a mine nearby. Any ideas?”

USS Arizona and memorial at Pearl Harbour on Google Earth.

“USS Arizona and memorial, Pearl Harbor.”

Preserved craters at Pointe du Hoc, Normandy on Google Earth.

“Preserved craters from the D-Day bombardment of German fortifications at Pointe du Hoc, Normandy.”

Push boat on river in Alabama on Google Earth.

“A push boat and barges stirring up the bottom of the Tombigbee River in Alabama (USA).”

WWI gun battery in Verdun, France on Google Earth.

“A WWI gun battery/fortification around Verdun, France.”

Irrigated fields in Texas on Google Earth.

“Irrigated fields in west Texas. The colors here are awesome. I’m guessing the crops were recently harvested or recently plowed under and we’re seeing the soil color. In my experience, harvested corn or wheat fields aren’t this orange/red. Any ideas? The white specks are oil pads connected by little roads. This land is certainly being utilized.”

Marina in Milwaukee on Google Maps

“This is my favorite. It’s a marina near Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA). The winter ice is in the process of breaking up. I don’t know why, but this is very visually appealing to me.”

Check out the full album on Imgur for all 30 screenshots.

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