Featured Image for A man named Bowser is Nintendo of America’s new president and we’re not joking

A man named Bowser is Nintendo of America’s new president and we’re not joking

The new president of Nintendo of America is named Bowser and fans are going wild.

Doug Bowser has been named as the new president of Nintendo of America after the retirement of Reggie Fils-Aime.

“With a name like Bowser, who better to hold the keys to the Nintendo castle?” Fils-Aime said of his successor in a video message posted today on Twitter.

The announcement is nothing out of the ordinary for the general public, but for long-time Nintendo fans, it’s become the juiciest of inside jokes.

For those who are somehow unaware: Bowser – also known as the monstrous King Koopa or the Sorcerer King – is the main antagonist in Nintendo’s iconic Super Mario franchise.

Yep, Bowser is the most charismatic and popular villain in the Nintendo universe; the talking, fire-breathing, anthropomorphic turtle-like beast with the habit of kidnapping Princess Peach. He has not only appeared in every Mario game but also in several spinoffs and other Nintendo titles, including Mario Kart, Mario Golf and even Tetris Attack.

Bowser also features in the 1993 live-action film, where he is portrayed by Oscar nominee Dennis Hopper.

The coincidence is just too charming and absurd to let it pass, and Nintendo fans have taken to social media to salute and poke fun at the new chief. Fans had already noticed Bowser in 2015 when he was hired as vice president of sales, but the new role has revived a fresh round of memes on Twitter.

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