Q&A: Doctor perfectly explains how pill testing is the last defence against overdoses

Q&A devoted an entire episode this week to the raging war on drugs, and Dr David Caldicott was on the panel to advocate for the effectiveness of pill testing.

Among the audience were two parents whose children had died after taking drugs at a music festival, however, their stance on pill testing was drastically different.

Daniel Buccianti died in 2012 after taking drugs at a dance party and his mother has been advocating for pill testing ever since.

However, the father of Anna Wood, a teenager who died after taking MDMA at a festival in 1995, questioned how effective pill testing would be in protecting teenagers and young adults from drug-related deaths.

Dr Caldicott, the pioneer of pill testing in Australia, offered an answer that perfectly cleared up any misconceptions about pill testing and explained how it aims to prevent drug use altogether.

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