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Former pro baseballer Jose Canseco will hunt Bigfoot and aliens with you for $7000

If your idea of the perfect holiday is to spend a shit-tonne of money playing Mulder and Scully with a baseball legend, well, now you can.

José Canseco is one of the most famous icons in baseball. In a career that spanned from the 80s to the early noughties, the Cuban-American outfielder recorded an outstanding 400 home runs and 200 stolen bases. He also won two World Series rings, one with the Oakland A’s in 1989 and another with the New York Yankees in 2000.

Aside from his feats on the diamond, Canseco is also known for making pretty wild statements and being immersed in messy legal controversies. He admitted to being a user of anabolic steroids throughout his career and has starred in many scandals, one of the most notorious occurring in 1992 when he was charged with aggravated battery for ramming his then wife’s car with his Porsche.

Canseco also said he was planning on living as a woman for a week to understand Caitlyn Jenner’s state of mind, and thought it was funny to mock the #MeToo movement by saying anyone who claimed to be a victim of sexual misconduct were just “racist against ugly men”.

Truly, a man of our times.

Canseco is back at it again, and now he’s offering to host a private expedition in which participants will hunt for the mythical Bigfoot and meet a real alien.

It just rolls off the tongue nicely doesn’t it?

Well, yeah, for just US$5000 (A$7000) you can be one of the lucky 5 individuals to spend a weekend with Canseco and “Travel in his custom RV to authentic alien sightings and proven Bigfoot habitats.”

You gotta give it to him, the absurd bash does sound like a lot of fun.

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