Featured Image for Anthem: Australian release date, pre-orders, pricing and more

Anthem: Australian release date, pre-orders, pricing and more

Anthem, EA Bioware’s upcoming online multiplayer RPG, is only a few weeks away and there’s plenty of information to absorb before exploring its vivid world.

In Anthem, you play as a member of the Freelancers, a small faction fighting for survival in a corrupt world full of monsters, beasts and other creatures.

The fate of humanity rests in the hands of the Freelancers, who pilot customisable exosuits called Javelins to fight the forces of evil and rescue humankind from destruction.

Each Javelin – the Ranger, the Colossus, the Storm and the Interceptor – have unique weapons and superhuman abilities. As with any RPG, you will choose your role at the beginning of the game and progress in skill and power as you kill baddies and complete missions and quests.

Anthem players will interact with other players in a persistent open world environment, farm resources and fight enemies with the ultimate goal of defending the Anthem – the artefact that created the world – from the Dominion, a group that wants to harness its power for evil.

It’s a complex game with different systems, abilities and a story that BioWare’s Casey Hudson has likened to an HBO series. Plus you get to fly around using a jet pack. Who doesn’t like jetpacks?

To put it simply, though –  if you love Destiny, Iron Man and fighting monsters with your friends, this is the game for you. You will be able to play it when it is released on February 22 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


There will be two editions of Anthem available to purchase: the standard edition and the Legion of Dawn edition. Pre-ordering either game comes with a variety of bonuses.

Standard Edition

Players who pre-order the standard edition of Anthem will receive the Legion of Dawn Legendary Ranger armour pack along with access to the VIP demo.

Anthem takes place in an open world with three other members

Squad up with your mates and protect the Anthem. (Image: BioWare / Electronic Arts)

Legion of Dawn Edition

Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition includes the base game along with the Legion of Dawn DLC. It also gives players VIP access to pre-launch demos, four legendary armour packs, a legendary weapon, a founder player banner and Anthem’s digital soundtrack.

Those who purchase the game at EB Games will also get an exclusive Edge of Resolve DLC that includes a vinyl to personalise your Javelin exosuit.

What to expect from Anthem

Based on early impressions, it seems that the comparison to Bungie’s Destiny is a fair one. Both are online shooters, both emphasise the importance of teaming up with your friends and both weave a single-player story into an online world.

Anthem differs in a few key areas though. Number one, there is no PvP – player versus player – modes. It’s strictly PvE. This means that all the attention to detail has gone into creating the missions and the world you inhabit.

Something else that sets it apart from Destiny is that rather than picking a class and being stuck with it, you can pick and choose from all the Javelins before each mission. This means you can level up multiple exosuits and have more flexibility when you find powerful loot.

What do the different Javelins do?

Javelin exosuits are your weapons in Anthem

Your Javelin exosuit is fully customisable to your – and your team’s – needs. (Image: Electronic Arts/Bioware)

There are four types of Javelins that you can suit up in and go on missions with: Ranger, Storm, Colossus and Interceptor. Each suit gives players different abilities and has different strengths and weaknesses.

  • Ranger: focuses on precision, high-damage and versatility.
  • Colossus: Anthem’s largest and strongest Javelin.
  • Interceptor: extremely small and agile with unmatched evasive powers and low health.
  • Storm: float above the ground and deal damage from afar with high-damage but low defensive ability.

We also know that your pilot levels up, not your Javelin. That means your level remains with you no matter which one you choose. Another fun fact is that all Javelins travel at the same speed, but they handle differently.

Oh, and for all those people who love customising their characters in RPG, BioWare has promised that each Javelin will be highly customisable.

What else do we know about Anthem?

Luckily for fans eagerly anticipating Anthem, BioWare developers Ben Irving and Mike Gamble, as well as game director Jonathan Warner, have been very active on Twitter.

Some of the most interesting things we’ve learned are (via Polygon):

  • Unlike Destiny, individual loot doesn’t level up, you just find better gear.
  • You can use almost all gear in any Javelin that you choose, apart from a few Javelin-specific pieces.
  • Players are invulnerable when using their ultimate ability.
  • You can start the game with any of the four Javelins.
  • Loot is sent to you if you don’t pick it up during a mission.
  • Anthem will not have any trading at launch.
  • Extra content will be added after the game’s release for free.
  • Armour is purely cosmetic.
  • Enemies won’t just fight you – they’ll fight each other.
  • You will be able to complete the entire game in single-player mode

If you’re worried that Electronic Arts and BioWare are giving away too much information, you have nothing to fear. Irving has insisted that there will be “many” secrets left to discover once the game is released.

Anthem will launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 22.

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