JRR Tolkien biopic trailer shows how the horrors of war inspired an epic journey to Middle-earth

J. R. R. Tolkien, the authour of the much-loved Lord of the Rings series, is the latest iconic figure to receive a biopic about his life and how his magical stories came to life.

The film stars Nicholas Holt as Tolkien and follows Tolkien’s early years as an orphan who finds friendship, love, and inspiration with a group of fellow outcasts. The film also takes us through the latter years of his life where his friendships were tested and he was thrust into the battlefield of World War 1.

Being the authour of Lord of the Rings, you can expect to see an epic mix of fantasy within reality as we see where he drew inspiration for the series.

Tolkien is expected to be released on May 10 in the US, but a release date for Australia is yet to be confirmed.

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