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Introducing the eSPEAR: A tried, tested and humane way to keep the sharks away

The ‘shark vs human’ debate is one Australia knows well. Just last year, there were 27 reported shark attacks in our country, resulting in one fatality and numerous injuries.

But while some view these creatures of the deep as problems to be solved, others would argue we are entering their territory and are, to put it simply, fair game.

They’ve been here far longer than us, too, and that alone should entitle them to some respect.

Historically, finding a happy medium between protection and conservation has proven difficult. However, the Aussies over at Ocean Guardian believe they have found the answer.

After reading about their product, I’m inclined to agree.

shark deterrent spear

(Image: Ocean Guardian)

Introducing the eSPEAR: the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent.

Here’s how it works:

“Government approved and developed over two decades of research, our patented technology creates a powerful three-dimensional electrical field which causes safe but unbearable spasms in shark’s short-range electrical receptors, turning sharks away – including Great Whites. Nothing is more effective.”

The device itself is small, lightweight, and easy to use – just pull the trigger. The eSPEAR clips to your dive belt or swimsuit.

shark deterrent spear

(Image: Ocean Guardian)

And when they say they have tested it, they mean it:

Ocean Guardian has been producing surf, dive, and general ocean equipment for years. The idea behind this eSPEAR is that it will provide peace of mind for ocean lovers while “supporting the conservation of marine life by removing the need for shark nets, drum lines, and shark culling.”

shark deterrent spear

(Image: Ocean Guardian)

Ocean Guardian is running an Indiegogo campaign for this new shark tech in hopes of raising awareness, particularly in the northern hemisphere, and to raise enough funds to allow them to work with some of our leading universities in developing long-range shark deterrent technology.

Simply put, they have big plans to change the way we protect our shores.

Read more and get on board at Indiegogo.

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