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Ikea forgot New Zealand exists

What would the world be without the All Blacks, weta, kiwis and, of course, Jacinda Ardern?

Reddit user Jibbles666 spotted a map on display in an Ikea outlet in Washington DC that had a blank space where New Zealand should be and posted a snap of the error to r/MapsWithoutNZ, a subreddit dedicated exclusively to registering the frequent instances where Kiwis are ignored by careless map makers.

The post generated such a buzz online that Ikea came forward and apologised for the mistake.

“Ikea is responsible for securing correct and compliant motifs on all our products,” an Ikea spokesperson told the BBC.

“We can see that the process has failed regarding the product BJÖRKSTA world map – we regret this mistake and apologise. We will take the necessary actions and the product is now being phased out from our stores.”

Another Reddit user cheekily commented, “I wonder if they’re going to sell these maps in the new Auckland store,” while an Aussie tweeted, “To be fair to Ikea, it ain’t hard to forget about New Zealand.”

But this blunder doesn’t even close to being the most high profile case of a renowned institution omitting the country. A map at The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC has reportedly forgotten about New Zealand as well.

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