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Woah, Samsung filed a patent for a stylus with a built-in camera

A patent filed in 2017 suggests Samsung is considering incorporating a camera with optical zoom inside a stylus pen.

Now that is just bloody brilliant!

Optical zoom has been one of the greatest challenges of the smartphone industry: optical zoom uses lenses to magnify far off images for ‘true’ zoom, while digital zoom simply magnifies and crops the image.

Imagine being indoors and looking at a faraway tree through your window. Optical zoom is like you getting out and physically moving closer to the tree. Sort of. Well not exactly, but you get the point.

Until now, the space constraints of a smartphone have made it extremely difficult for manufacturers to cram optical lenses into their devices, but it looks like Samsung has found a cheeky, and we must say clever, solution.

Patently Mobile discovered the United States Patent and Trademark Office just granted Samsung a patent that could give the stylus some real use at last. The patent shows Samsung is researching fitting an optical zoom lens within the S Pen.

Diagram showing possible schematics for a Samsung S Pen with a built-in camera.

(Image: Patently Mobile.)

Such a concept could change the smartphone photography game forever. It not only means manufacturers will now be free from the physical restraints of a smartphone, but could also change how users take pictures.

Detaching the camera from the phone and putting it in something as tiny as the S Pen opens up insane new possibilities. Just think of the angles, locations and moments you could capture with a camera so versatile and capable of being controlled remotely.

It’s worth noting, however, that companies file patents all the time; a patent is more an indication the company is researching a concept and less a confirmation it will ever make it to market – but you never know!

The patent was filed back in late February 2017 and was granted today by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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