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Twitter CEO says Mark Zuckerberg once killed a goat with a stun gun and served it cold for dinner

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has revealed his most memorable moment with Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, and unsurprisingly, it’s about as weird as you’d expect.

In an interview with Rolling Stone published last week, Dorsey was asked about his most unforgettable experience with Zuckerburg.

You could be forgiven for thinking that he would mention a wild party, an expensive holiday or even just sitting around the campfire discussing how to violate user’s privacy, but it was something completely out of the blue.

To everyone’s surprise, he recounted the time that Zuckerberg killed a goat with a stun gun and served it up for dinner.

“Well, there was a year when he was only eating what he was killing,” Dorsey told interviewer Brian Hiatt. “He made goat for me for dinner. He killed the goat.”

When pressed for more information, Dorsey continued. “He kills it. He kills it with a laser gun [later clarified by Dorsey to be a stun gun] and then the knife. Then they send it to the butcher.”

“Evidently in Palo Alto there’s a rule or regulation that you can have six livestock on any lot of land, so he had six goats at the time. I go, “We’re eating the goat you killed?” He said, “Yeah.” I said, “Have you eaten goat before?” He’s like, “Yeah, I love it.”

Dorsey went on to say that he didn’t actually eat the goat because it was cold. “He puts the goat down. It was cold. That was memorable. I don’t know if it went back in the oven. I just ate my salad.”

While this is a kind of eccentric thing to come to light, there is nothing weird about eating goats or killing animals for food.

Goat meat – which is cheap and flavoursome – is a staple of Indian, Chinese, Pakistani and Nigerian cuisine. As for killing livestock, just in case you didn’t realise, all the meat you eat comes from dead animals.

I would much prefer to eat the meat of an animal that has lived a prosperous life on a large farm in Palo Alto than eat a steak that came from a cow that spent its life in a metal cage.

If I was a tech billionaire or even a measly millionaire, I’d have my own farm self-sustainable farm too.

During the interview, Dorsey also gave his thought on another unconventional billionaire, Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

“The folks who are leading the way are folks like Elon,” Dorsey said. “I don’t know of another person on the planet who’s leading us off the planet because of the damage that we’re inflicting to this planet.”

“Also the AIs coming up in the future – who else is leading humanity towards Mars in order to save it? I love what he’s trying to do, and I want to help in whatever way.”

Maybe Zuckerberg, Dorsey and Musk can all together at Zuckerberg’s place and eat some delicious goats. He might just want to make sure it’s cooked this time.

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