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There’s an abandoned ‘ghost plane’ at Madrid airport and nobody knows who it belongs to

Authorities from the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas airport in Madrid are scratching their heads as they try to find the owner of a 130-passenger plane that has been parked on the tarmac for years.

The plane is a 40-metre McDonnell Douglas MD87, a line which was developed in the late 1980s. Airport officials suspect the craft might’ve been inactive for at least ten years.

An airport spokesperson confirmed to CNN that the plane is the only craft currently abandoned at the site. Authorities have already posted the notice of the abandoned airship in the government’s official gazette, called “Boletín Oficial del Estado” (BOE).

Spanish law says authorities must publish an official notice about the aircraft for three consecutive months and then wait an additional twelve months for the owner to claim it.

If no one pops up and claims the plane within that time frame, it will be legally considered abandoned and the state is entitled to sell it in a public auction.

Spanish local newspaper La Información reports the abandoned plane flew for the first time in 1990 for Iberia airlines before becoming part of Pronair’s fleet in 2008. That was around the time of the tough global economic recession which made gas prices skyrocket and caused many airlines to close operations, including Pronair.

The last company this MD87 served was Saicus Air – it still has its logo on the tail – which bought the plane in 2010 to repurpose it for cargo. Reportedly, their intention was to open operations between Spain and Guinea Bissau, but in a curious turn of events, Saicus Air also filed bankruptcy just a few months afterwards and closed their doors before the plane ever got off the ground.

Is this plane cursed?

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