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Time to get tapping, Apple Pay is now live for Commonwealth Bank and Bankwest customers

It’s been a long time coming, but Commonwealth Bank and Bankwest users are finally able to pay with their iPhone or Apple Watch using Apple Pay.

The Apple Pay service allows you to upload your debit or credit card details onto your device and make purchases via contactless payment. It’s tap-and-go using your phone, and it’s very convenient.

The service is linked with either your passcode, TouchID or FaceID for security and can be used to purchase products both online and in-store.

The utility of Apple Pay has never been in question – rather, it was a matter of banks rebelling against Apple’s fees. Until this announcement, ANZ had been the only one of the big four Aussie banks to allow their customers to use Apple Pay.

CBA’s deal may put pressure on Westpac and National Australia Bank to put an end to the ongoing negotiations they have had with Apple since 2016.

Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s Vice President of Internet Services, said that the CBA’s decision to allow Apple Pay was focused on meeting customer demands.

“We are excited to welcome Commonwealth Bank customers to Apple Pay, the number one mobile contactless payment service worldwide,” Bailey said.

“Customers can now take advantage of the speed, convenience and security that Apple Pay offers when making payments on the Apple devices they love to use every day.”

And make no mistake, if you are a CBA customer and Apple user, you are in for a treat. Apple Pay is not only simple and convenient, but it is also now available at “more than 95 per cent of ]in-store] locations across Australia”.

It is also more secure than using a traditional plastic debit card because the actual card numbers aren’t stored on the device. Instead, a unique Device Account Number is assigned and securely stored on your smartphone.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself ditching your wallet in no time. Just don’t forget – like I constantly do – that you need your license on you while driving.

To set up Apple Pay go to ‘Settings’ and navigate to ‘Wallet’. Select ‘Apple Pay’ and either take a photo of your card or enter your details. When you’re making a purchase just open Apple Pay and hold your phone against the Eftpos machine like you would with your regular tap-and-go card.

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