Featured Image for A tech YouTuber built a working PC inside a computer mouse because why not?

A tech YouTuber built a working PC inside a computer mouse because why not?

YouTube tech channel Electronic Grenade has designed and built a fully-functional computer, complete with a screen and keyboard, the size of a conventional computer mouse.

Now we don’t know the actual use of such a thing, but we have to acknowledge this is extremely sick.

YouTube channel Electronic Grenade is dedicated to showcase ingenious DIY tech projects. They’ve managed to build 3D printers out of old CD drives, made a huge YouTube play button with 400 LEDs and constructed a 7″ touchscreen tablet from scratch.

But the project that is really making heads spin is a fairly useless, but infinitely awesome tiny computer the size of a mouse.

Electronic Grenade first intended to build the whole thing inside the body of a standard commercial mouse, but decided to 3D print a slightly bigger version to hold all the components required.

This custom mouse accommodates a Raspberry Pi Zero W computer and a rechargeable 500 mAh battery along with a minuscule Bluetooth retractable keyboard.

The little contraption runs on a single-core, 1GHz processor with half a gigabyte of RAM. This is hardly enough to run the latest Fallout, and the millimetre-wide keys are an unlikely vehicle for you to type out the novel of the century, but heck, the fact this actually works is more than amazing.

It even sports a foldable inch-and-a-half OLED screen with 16-bit colour depth and a mouthwatering resolution of 128 x 128 pixels. 128 pixels people!

The quirky invention looks like a challenge to operate as the whole computer moves along with the cursor. Also, while you type you have to hold the computer mouse with one hand, and yeah, the whole thing just screams carpal tunnel syndrome. But who cares! It can run Minecraft. Well, sort of.

So behold, “the computer mouse” the most portable, useless, and awesome invention you’ll see in 2019. Breadbot who?

If you like these quirky inventions, you can support Electronic Grenade on Patreon so they can continue creating fun and interesting projects.

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