Featured Image for This bread-making vending machine is here to destroy your New Year’s resolution

This bread-making vending machine is here to destroy your New Year’s resolution

A Washington-based company has unveiled a vending machine capable of baking bread with no human intervention at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Just imagine that smell in the morning!

Every year at CES, all of the world’s biggest tech companies gather together to showcase the inventions and advancements that will change our lives in the following years. Every convention, we get to witness some really idiotic uses of tech: smart toilets, Bitcoin mining machines and water bottles equipped with Bluetooth speakers to name a few.

But among all the ludicrous inventions, there’s always a few genuine gems that actually sound very cool.

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This year, Wilkinson Baking Company presented “BreadBot”, a pretty promising robot/vending machine that can bake up to 10 loaves an hour without the intervention of us puny humans.

Breadbot, a bread baking machine by Wilkinson Baking Company

The BreadBot brings a visual experience to the baking process.

Bakeries just have to load their dry dough mix and the machine does the rest. After the loaves bake, they end up in a cooling chamber where users can select the bread they want and purchase it via a touchscreen. The robot is capable of baking several types of bread including honey oat, whole wheat, sourdough and white. From start to finish, the process takes about an hour and a half, and every six minutes a new cycle starts.

Anyone hungry yet?

The company’s business model is to lease the machine to grocery stores and retailers so they can offer freshly baked bread to customers. Wilkinson Baking representatives say the machine will cost about $100,000 over a five-year lease deal.

This nifty bot is scheduled for an initial testing phase at selected US grocery chains and independent stores later this year, after which it will roll out on a bigger scale.

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