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Someone found a secret world hidden in the original ‘Legend of Zelda’ 30 years after its release

A developer has hacked into The Legend of Zelda and managed to access a part of the game that has been hidden since 1986.

The original Zelda game was launched in 1986 and was so successful that it started one of the biggest franchises in pop culture history. Zelda is now one of Nintendo’s most prominent properties, with an empire that includes 19 sequels, various spin-offs, a TV series and various manga adaptations.

Considered one of the greatest video games of all time, you would suppose every little detail has been already discovered and mastered after three decades. Nope – it seems it’s a universe that just keeps on giving.

A developer and YouTuber identified with the handle SKELUX recently managed to access a part of Zelda that was referred to in game development as the “minus world”. Geeks of the world, enjoy!

The Minus World is basically a section of a game that developers have hidden from ordinary players for testing purposes. SKELUX, who identifies himself as someone who spends his time “dissecting classic video games” found a way to get around the original code that prevents players from entering Zelda’s Minus World.

Although playable, the gameplay in this previously undiscovered digital land is full of bugs and glitches. That’s to be expected, seeing that it was never intended to be playable in the first place.

The text is garbled, enemies glitch in and out of existence and textures look kind of weird. All of that is precisely what makes this discovery such a fascinating piece of video game archaeology.

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