Featured Image for This monster $1.8 million Aussie hypercar is about to become street-legal

This monster $1.8 million Aussie hypercar is about to become street-legal

Anglo-Australian car company Brabham has confirmed they will offer an option to convert their outrageous $1.8 million BT62 racing car into a road-compliant vehicle.

Just imagine going for groceries in this baby!

Brabham Automotive is one of the latest players to enter the supercar industry. The company is named after the Brabham family of Australian racing professionals, a dynasty that started in the 50s with the legendary Sir Jack Brabham, a three-time Formula One World Champion who still holds the record for being the only driver in history to win in one of his own cars.

The Brabham BT62 is their first product, a beast of a track car with a 5.4-litre V8 engine which produces 710ps (700bhp, 522kW) and 667Nm (492 ft/lb) of torque.

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This mid-engine track car weighs just 972kg and sports an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 730ps per tonne, and the original model can’t be legally driven on the street. This thing produces way more downforce than a NASCAR race car, so you can imagine having one of these adapted to everyday use is as extravagant as it is awesome.

The company says that it will be offering a street-compliant conversion for an extra $260,000 on top of the BT62’s asking price of $1.8 million. The overhaul will make the car legal, safe and compliant with road regulations, yet the company promises the tweaks will not compromise the car’s “race-bred circuit dynamics”.

The compliant conversion process will take place both in the European market as well as in Australia. The first road-compliant BT62 is expected to drop in summer 2019.

“We designed the BT62 to be an unrestricted, thoroughbred track car and our extensive test programme has revealed it to be all of those things,” said David Brabham, managing director of Brabham Automotive, said in a press release.

“This isn’t a car designed for the road. With that said, it’s clear some customers are keen to have a road compliant option with their BT62, particularly to drive to and from the track. My father Jack was always customer focused and we will continue with that ethos.”

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