Featured Image for Scott Morrison’s humiliating Photoshop blunder exposed on Twitter

Scott Morrison’s humiliating Photoshop blunder exposed on Twitter

Ladies and gentlemen, the Prime Minister of Australia.

It’s no secret Scott Morrison loves a bit of marketing. He insists on wearing baseball caps, possesses an unhealthy attachment to the phrase “fair dinkum” and heavily advertises his obsession with the Cronulla Sharks – the legitimacy of which could be called into question.

But this latest stunt beggars belief.

Morrison recently took part in a family photo shoot with wife Jenny and daughters Lily and Abbey so his team could upload some friendly snaps to the official website of the Prime Minister’s office.

But the sharp eyes of Twitter user @lukerhn picked up on a Photoshop blunder so embarrassing it’s difficult to comprehend.

Oh. My. God. @lukerhn managed to find the original version of the photo, which clearly shows Morrison wearing a pair of scruffy – but very real – shoes.

But it gets better. Aside from the apparent fact that whoever added the pair of trendy white sneakers did so with their eyes closed, another user pointed out that they actually gave Morrison two left shoes.

Excuse me while I step outside and scream laugh for a minute.

Morrison picked up on the story this morning and tried a little too hard to save face by doing the old “they’re laughing with me, not at me”, but at least he’s being a good sport.

The reaction on Twitter has just been wonderful:

@lukerhn later updated those following #sneakergate on Twitter that one of the PM’s staffers had quickly updated the image on the website to the original, although it currently appears the shoes have simply been cropped out.

The PM’s office sent a hilariously serious statement to news.com.au which said:

“The white shoes photo was doctored by the PM&C department (Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet) without the knowledge of, or the authorisation from, the PM or the PM’s office.

“The PM’s office has asked the department to replace the photo with the original.”

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