Featured Image for CES 2019: Hyundai unveils insane new concept car with legs

CES 2019: Hyundai unveils insane new concept car with legs

South Korean powerhouse Hyundai has unveiled an insane concept car at CES 2019 that looks like something out of Star Wars.

As noted in our CES preview, the line between the automotive and the electronics industries is increasingly blurring. Advancements in artificial intelligence, motion control and GPS are being incorporated wholeheartedly into car design and production, which means we will be seeing big players like Audi, Mercedes Benz and Honda make recurrent appearances at the world’s biggest tech party.

Hyundai’s jaw-dropping presentation of Project Elevate described a concept for an insect-like car with legs called “Ultimate Mobility Vehicle”. Yep. A mix between a Transformer and the Mars Rover, this is a car designed to climb over crumbled concrete and escalate over uneasy, difficult terrain.

An ideal vehicle for first responders, Elevate looks almost like a normal car at first. But when the roads end, this Franken-bot tucks in its wheels and deploys four arachnid-like mechanical legs that allow it to clamber its way through areas no common car can go.

When rising on its “feet”, the vehicle can mimic the walking patterns of real animals like insects, reptiles and mammals, each leg independently powered by electric motors mounted inside each wheel hub, similar to the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Additionally, the company states the core body of the vehicle can be swapped and exchanged for different applications.

Although we’re probably still a decade or so away from seeing these monstrous metallic beasts on the streets, Hyundai’s presentation is a mindblowing glimpse at how transportation will change in years to come. Hopefully, this is an advancement we’ll all get to see gain traction in our lifetimes.

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