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A simple iPhone hack is blowing everyone’s mind

Have you ever realised you’ve been doing a simple task incorrectly for years?

I, for instance, learned just last week I’ve been eating Toblerone the wrong way for my entire life. The fact I can’t even eat food correctly suggests I wouldn’t last a day in the wild.

While it isn’t quite as pathetic as my daily struggle to stay alive, Twitter users are experiencing a similar epiphany after coming across the following tweet:


I’ve wasted collective hours trying to position the cursor beside the ‘d’ in ‘ducking’ to correct my intended expletive, which only serves to irk me further as my pudgy and frustratingly imprecise finger blocks the display.

But it doesn’t stop there. @CotyClack blew the whole thing wide open with this pearl of wisdom:

Don’t I feel like an idiot? Before you get too excited, check out another reply from @nick__armenta regarding the claim made by @CotyClack:

I don’t have an SE to try it with, but I can confirm it only works on the spacebar with my XR. But who cares! We now have a way to correct our messages on the fly without spending minutes at a time cursing our retched hands.

Shoutout to @christheasian for this creative way of dealing with the news:

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