Featured Image for Puma is re-releasing its retro 1986 RS-Computer Shoe and we need a pair ASAP

Puma is re-releasing its retro 1986 RS-Computer Shoe and we need a pair ASAP

Popular shoe brand Puma has announced that it will soon reissue the 1986 RS-Computer shoe, the first (and last) of its kind.

Revamped nostalgia never looked so… chunky.

The shoes didn’t garner much attention at the time of release – too tech savvy and ahead of its time perhaps?

Puma retro running shoes

(Image Credit: Puma)

It seems that it’s finally the RS-Computer shoes’ time to shine. Like a lot of previously misunderstood gadgets, its found a new selling point through its Back to the Future-style vibe.

The chunky protuberance on the running shoe’s heel contains the brains of the not-so-sleek operation. Inside the bump is the technology that tracks your movement and activity, similar to modern fitness trackers.

The Running System (RS) technology will of course get a 21st century upgrade, since the original shoe operated using a computer chip. It could measure speed, distance, and calories burned, but had to connect to an Apple IIE or Commodore 64 computer to read the data.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

While sporting the same chunky retro design, the new edition will connect to an iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth, charge using a USB cable and work in conjunction with a specially designed app.

The app uses 8-bit style graphics to mimic the technology used at the time of the computer shoe’s original debut. It even contains an 8-bit game so that when you take a break from running you can wipe your face on your fluro sweatband and have a little arcade fun.

PUma retro shoe boxed

(Image Credit: Puma)

In a brilliant marketing move, Puma will only release 86 of these retro runners, turning them from ‘pretty cool’ to ‘coveted gold dust’.

The 86 RS-Computer Shoe will be available online and in select Puma stores. The release date is yet to be revealed.

(Images courtesy of Puma)

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