Featured Image for Richard Madden aka Robb Stark has a Game of Thrones prediction and it’s pretty grim

Richard Madden aka Robb Stark has a Game of Thrones prediction and it’s pretty grim

With the final season of Game of Thrones rapidly approaching, theories and predictions are flying around like Daenerys’ dragons.

Will Jon Snow and Daenerys survive? Will Westeros leave the monarchy behind and become a democracy? Will the Night King win? Or, maybe it will turn out that the hairless eunuch Varys is the hero all along.

Richard Madden, who starred as Robb Stark before being slaughtered at the Red Wedding, has come up with a particularly grisly prediction. He – smartly – expects everyone to die.

“I kind of think it’s just going to be three dragons flying around and everyone else is dead,” Madden told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s a possibility!”

“I can’t wait for the new season. I kind of don’t recognise that I was in it anymore because I’ve been watching so many years of it, and they talk about Robb Stark and I know who he is but I don’t see myself in that role. I’m just a viewer now, which is good.”

It must be a weird feeling for Madden and the many other actors that have been killed off the show. One of the perks now that he’s moved on to other projects is not knowing what will happen next.

“That was one of the bad things about being in the show, is you got the scripts so you knew what was going to happen next,” Madden said.

“I’ve not had that for years, so now I can just truly enjoy it as a viewer, which is thrilling.”

Hear that? The guy that was actually in Game of Thrones is relieved that he can now just enjoy it like you and me.

Madden’s been killing it in his post Game of Thrones career. He has been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series for his role in Bodyguard, which you can watch on Netflix.

Oh, and my prediction is that the whole show is a dream. Daenerys will wake up on her farm and Jon will be her uncle, Khal Drago will be the stable boy and Cersei will be the mean neighbour.

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