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A potty-mouthed parrot has been using Alexa to order treats while his owner is away

Rocco, an African grey parrot, has been caught using Amazon’s AI assistant to play music, tell jokes and order his favourite snacks.

London’s The Times reported Rocco’s shopping list included ice cream, watermelon, strawberries and even a kettle. Apparently, even parrots in England love a cup of tea.

Thankfully for his owner, Marion Wischnewski, Alexa’s parental lock stopped the bright birdy from actually purchasing any of the products.

Wischnewski says that Rocco spends all day interacting with Alexa, activating the virtual assistant more than 40 times a day.

“I have to check the shopping list when I come in from work and cancel all the items he’s ordered,” Wischnewski told the Daily Mail.

Rocco doesn’t just order snacks off Alexa, he uses it to play his favourite music – Kings of Leon.

“I’ve come home before and he has romantic music playing. He loves to dance and has the sweetest personality and romantic tunes.”

With all the snacks and romantic music, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Rocco is looking for something more from Wischnewski.

And it turns out that ordering products off Amazon isn’t Rocco’s only annoying talent.

“He knows the telephone and can make different mobile ringtones,” said Wischnewski. “He can do the microwave or the squeaking door on my fridge.”

“He can do the ice cream van in the summer, and a truck reversing so loud you think it’s in your living room.”

Can someone remind me why people have these things as pets?

Wischnewski rescued the troublesome parrot after Rocco was kicked out of an animal sanctuary owned by the UK’s National Animal Welfare Trust for swearing too much.

African grey parrots are common companion pets known for their advanced cognitive abilities and being able to mimic human speech.

The parrot species can learn over 100 words and differentiate between objects, colours, materials, shapes and apparently, flavours of ice cream.

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