Featured Image for Cop that, R2D2: Samsung reportedly filed a patent for a device that projects holograms

Cop that, R2D2: Samsung reportedly filed a patent for a device that projects holograms

Samsung has reportedly filed a patent for a hologram-reproducing device that, in theory, can project 3D holograms.

Could this mean we’re just a few years away from being able to casually play a game of holo-chess, just like Chewie and C3PO did in A New Hope?

Samsung’s patent, which was filed earlier this year, describes a “hologram reproducing apparatus”. Apparently, this new technology will be able to project a 3D image in the air through a relay lens containing several microlenses; tiny lens units that vary in diameter from 10 micrometres to less than a millimetre.

The conceptual device goes one step further than the Red Hydrogen One smartphone manufactured by Red Digital Cinema and released in the United States in November.

The Red uses nanostructures to diffract the display’s backlight into a light field to create and display images with a “holographic” depth effect similar to that of the popular holo baseball trading cards.

What Samsung is proposing in this patent is to devise a device capable of reproducing a full 3D hologram with no need for special glasses, extra gear or a specific viewing angle. The patent does not mean that such a product is going to be commercialised any time soon – if ever – but it can often indicate what tech companies are exploring in the coming years.

If you’re the kind who likes technical patent lingo, this is a short excerpt from the filed patent:

“The hologram reproducing apparatus includes a display configured to display a hologram pattern and emit a write beam corresponding to the hologram pattern, a first lens unit disposed at a front surface of the display and including at least one lens array including a plurality of first microlenses for firstly focusing the write beam emitted from the display.”

Sounds like poetry, doesn’t it?

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