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The best gadgets and tech gifts for mum this Christmas

It’s impossible to repay our mums for everything they have done for us, but Christmas is our chance to try.

And by try, I mean search around online for cool gifts that she will like and that won’t cost an arm and a leg to buy. Or maybe you want to profess your love and adoration for mum by buying her something really expensive. Either way, we’ve got your back.

Whether your mum loves relaxing in slippers with a cup of tea or going on power walks at 5 am (or both) we have something for everyone.

Here’s some awesome tech and gadgets to make sure your mum has the merriest of Christmases.

Note: prices are correct as of writing.

Google Home Hub

$199 from JB Hi-Fi.

Google home hub around the house

Google Home Hub is a great gift for mum around the house. (Image: Google)

The Google Home Hub is the perfect companion for your mum, whether it be in the kitchen, the living room or the bedroom. Want to know how to stuff a turkey? Google Home Hub can not only show you via voice command, but it can also give you helpful recipes and information on where to buy the ingredients.

Your mum can also see the news and weather at a glance, plan her day, set reminders and place voice calls to friends and family. When she’s relaxing she can play her favourite songs on Spotify, control other smart devices in the house, and even use it as a digital photo frame.

Kindle E-Reader

$109 from Amazon Australia.

Amazon Kindle ereader is a great xmas gift

The Kindle is a book lover’s dream (Image: Amazon)

While nothing can ever replace the majesty of a physical book, Kindle E-Readers go pretty close. It’s the perfect size to fit in your pocket, has battery power that lasts for weeks and can hold over 2,000 books at once. That means that whether mum likes true crime, cheesy romance or dense tomes on the history of agriculture in Ancient Egypt, she can access them all from the one spot.

The Kindle is particularly a saviour on holidays and during work commutes. With over 70,000 books free in the public domain and over 1 million ebooks under $3 on Amazon, it’s a thoughtful and cost-effective gift. Now all you need to do is give mum some peace and quiet so she can enjoy it!

Bellebeat Leaf Health Tracker

$135 from Bellebeat.

Bellebeat fitness tracker

Bellebeat is a hip alternative to a fitbit (Image: Bellebeat)

Fitness trackers have been all the rage for mums in the last few years, so much so that they’ve become kind of clichéd. That’s where Bellebeat comes in. The lifestyle brand offers stylish, understated fitness trackers that you can wear as a bracelet, a necklace or a clip.

Bellebeat products connect to a smartphone app to track your activity, sleep patterns, stress, meditation and reproductive health. It’s water-resistant, shower safe and made of wood and hypoallergenic stainless steel – and at half the price of some Fitbits, is a steal.

Cork Pops Legacy

$69.95 from Cork Pops.

Cork Pops Legacy

The Cork Pops Legacy makes opening wine a breeze (Image: Amazon)

What’s the only thing your mum likes more than presents? Wine! Seeing that alcohol intake triples over Christmas, there’s a lot of wine to open. If you’re drinking expensive stuff – you know, above $5 – then the chances are you have to wrestle a cork before tucking into your Merlot.

The Cork Pops takes the hassle out of opening a bottle of wine. All you need to do is insert the needle through the cork, push the button atop the device and watch in awe as the cork pops out. It’s worth it for both the spectacle and the time your mum will save on uncorking wine in the new year!

Bedside Smartphone Vase

$43 from Uncommon Goods.

bedside vase charger

The Bedside Smartphone Vase brings feng shui to charging your phone (Image: UncommonGoods)

Between power outlets, cords and extension cords, charging your phone can be a messy business. Part smartphone stand, part vase, this product is exactly as its name suggests: it’s a vase that doubles as an aesthetically pleasing stand for your smartphone.

Handmade by Heather and Myles Geyman out of glazed stoneware, the stand holds a bouquet of flowers and your smartphone. It hides your charger cable by running it through the base, and has a separate section for the flowers so you don’t have to worry about water getting into your phone. We know mums are crazy about decor, and the house will remain looking and smelling fresh with this accessory.


$97 at Harvey Norman.

SanDisk iXpand base backs up your photos

The iXpand Base is a foolproof backup solution (Image: SanDisk)

If your mum is anything like mine, then while she loves technology, she doesn’t exactly understand it. Whenever there’s a new gadget or gizmo, it comes down to me to explain it and set it up. And nothing is more annoying than explaining how to back up photos and videos.

Good news, the iXPAND Base does the job for you. It’s an iPhone charger that automatically backs up your photos, videos and contacts each time you charge. With 15W of power it charges quickly, and makes it super easy to restore your backed up files if you ever need to. All you need to do is plug in, tap and your files are back on your device. This is a present for you as much as it is for your mum.

HP Sprocket New Edition

$179 at HP.

HP Sprocket Printer

Print on the go with the HP Sprocket (Image: HP)

Products like the HP Sprocket are bringing back the magic of instant photos with modern technology. The Sprocket is a portable printer that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Multiple people can connect at once so everyone can print their 2 x 3-inch photos.

The Sprocket comes in Blush, Luna Pearl and Noir variants, and boasts a variety of cool features. Your friends can print and view images from shared Google Photos albums, and you can even create augmented reality videos and 3D animations using the Sprocket app.

Ember Ceramic Mug

$279 at Ember.

Never worry about your coffee or tea cooling down

Keep your coffee warm with the Ember Ceramic Mug (Image: Ember)

The only bad thing about tea and coffee is that eventually, no matter how hard you try, it eventually gets cold. Not with the Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug. Your mum will be able to binge watch Gogglebox, read her book and scroll through her Facebook feed – all with the exact same cup of her favourite warm beverage.

The Ember Ceramic Mug allows your mum to remotely adjust her drink to the ideal temperature and choose and save presets for different drinks. For example, my mum likes her coffee piping hot, but her tea just above lukewarm – she can set presets for both on the Ember app. As someone who microwaves his coffee about nine times, this is the first gift on the list that makes me wish I was a mum, so my child could read this article and buy this for me. Does that make sense?

Tech21xLiberty London Phone Cases

$59.95 from Tech21.

Tech21 Pure Print Liberty

A change is as good as a holiday and a new case is as good as a new phone (Image: Tech21)

Chances are your mum has a smartphone, and chances are she doesn’t have a special case. It might even be from one of those stalls in a shopping centre… *shudder*. A new case can be as good as a new phone, and Tech21 cases are the best on the market. Just in time for Christmas, Tech21 has announced a fashionable new collaboration with Liberty London, a retailer known for its beautiful prints.

The Tech21xLibertyLondon range has ten different designs available across three product styles. Cases rarely find the sweet spot between being aesthetically pleasing and protective, but Tech21 has perfected it. These cases are so cool that your mum won’t want to hide it in her handbag. The Tech21xLibertyLondon is available for the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. Don’t worry, Tech21 has plenty of other great cases to fit other smartphones.

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II

$329 from Bose.

Bose Soundlink Wireless Headphones

Gift mum some peace and quiet this Christmas (Image: Bose)

How many times has your mum told you just to give her some peace and quiet? There’s no better way to do exactly that by getting her the SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II. Completely wireless, comfy and immersive, offer your mum an easy and enjoyable way to listen to her favourite music.

Whether she’s trying to get the best bass out of “Living on a Prayer” or needs to increase the volume on her true crime podcasts, the Bose Connect app will let her get tips, unlock extra features and personalise sound settings.

Nokia 7.1 Smartphone

$478 from Harvey Norman.

Nokia 7.1 is a great option for mum

The Nokia 7.1 offers premium quality at a budget price (Image: Nokia)

I hear you, I hear you. Nokia! What is this, 2004? Well, I’ve got news for you – Nokia is no longer the company that produced the brick phones of your childhood. For those looking for a premium device on a budget, the Nokia 7.1 is your go-to. It has a 5.84″ PureDisplay screen, a 12MP camera and runs Android One as smooth as Snake used to run back in the good ol’ days.

The Nokia 7.1 is intuitive, offers great graphical performance and has a long-lasting battery so your mum won’t have to charge it every few hours. Be warned though, once you show her the Live Bokeh mode, she’s never going to stop bugging you to pose for photos.

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