Kit Harington takes the mickey out of Jon Snow in ‘lost audition’ for How to Train Your Dragon

Jon Snow may be regarded by some as knowing nothing, but he’s one of the few who might at least know a thing or two about dragons.

And the actor who portrays him, Kit Harington, certainly took the chance to take the mickey out of himself and his most famous character, during a promotional video for the upcoming How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

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The “audition” sees Harington ask for advice from HTTYD’s Toothless about his supposedly “too broody” persona and lament the confusing nature of his part in a light-hearted jab at Game of Thrones that, if explained, would surely lead to someone hunting me down for giving away spoilers from recent seasons.

After all, it’s a trying time for fans of the iconic show, who will be made to wait until April 2019 for the final season, with the first teaser trailer only recently released.

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