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The top 25 podcasts in Australia on Apple’s 2018 charts

The comprehensive list of every podcast you should have listened to this year is officially here.

Apple has released its list of the top podcasts in 2018, including global and Australian favourites as well as editorial picks.

We’ve got three categories for review: most downloaded in Australia, most downloaded new shows in 2018 and Apple’s editorial pick of the best Australian podcasts.

Featuring the usual mix of pop culture chat, true crime, news and science shows, the list is almost exactly what you’d expect.

For the most part, Aussie popular choice and Apple aren’t on the same page. However, there are some crossovers between categories. The Teacher’s Pet, the gripping true crime podcast about the unsolved murder of Lyn Dawson, is the only name that has made it onto all three lists.

Women’s network giant Mamamia has three separate podcasts on the lists: Out Loud, the pocast about, well, just about everything, is the most popular among Aussie listeners, while Lady Startup and Ask Me Anything both make it onto the Apple editors’ lists.

The Betoota Advocate‘s hilarious podcast came vibrantly to life this year, making third place for newly launched Aussie shows and also hitting the Apple’s favourites list. Self-described as “a weekly dissection of the Australian zeitgeist”, the show is as hilarious as its satirical media counterpart.

My Dad Wrote a Porno – the weirdly satisfying podcast by a British guy whose dad actually wrote the worst erotic novel ever – is also an Aussie favourite.

Check out the full lists below, then whip out those headphones and get listening to 2018’s best offerings – 2019 is just around the bend.

Most downloaded podcasts of 2018 (Australian listeners)

  1. ABC Radio: Conversations
  2. The Joe Rogan Experience
  3. TED Talks Daily
  4. Stuff You Should Know
  5. Casefile Ture Crime
  6. The Teacher’s Pet
  7. Hamish & Andy
  8. Kate, Tim, & Marty
  9. Hack (triple j)
  10. The Daily (The New York Times)
  11. Australian True Crime
  12. My Favorite Murder
  13. Global News Podcast
  14. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations
  15. My Dad Wrote a Porno
  16. This American Life
  17. All In the Mind (ABC)
  18. The GaryVee Audio Experience
  19. Freakonomics Radio
  20. Serial
  21. RN Breakfast
  22. Mamamia Out Loud
  23. The Tim Ferriss Show
  24. No Filter
  25. Dr Karl on triple j

Most downloaded podcasts launched in 2018 (Australian listeners)

  1. The Teacher’s Pet
  2. Unravel True Crime
  3. The Betoota Advocate
  4. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
  5. Russia, If You’re Listening
  6. The Sundal Triple M NRL Catch Up — Paul Kent, Gordon Tallis, Ryan Girdler, Anthony Maroon
  7. The Signal (ABC)
  8. The Pineapple Project
  9. Caliphate
  10. Dr. Death
  11. Crawf & Hirdy – We Talk Football
  12. The Health Code
  13. Talk is Jericho
  14. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition
  15. The Rush Hour with MG
  16. Wrong Skin
  17. Jase & PJ
  18. Conspiracy Theories
  19. Today, Explained
  20. Death in Ice Valley
  21. Fierce Girls
  22. The goop Podcast
  23. Business Wars
  24. The Hub (ABC)
  25. Mafia

Best Australian podcasts of 2018 (editorially selected by Apple)

  1. The Alice Fraser Trilogy by ABC
  2. The Squiz Podcast by The Squiz
  3. Is It On? by BuzzFeed Australia
  4. Chat 10 Looks 3 by Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb
  5. Lady Startup by Mamamia
  6. Dispatch to a Friend by Gillian Bell & Annabelle Hickson
  7. Science Friction by ABC National Radio
  8. Ask Me Anything by Mamamia
  9. Please Explain by The Age and SMH
  10. Teacher’s Pet by The Australian
  11. Totally Obsessed by Dan Debuf
  12. Deep Listening by Oscar Trimboli
  13. Cher and Retweet by Lipp Media
  14. The Betoota Advocate Podcast by The Betoota Advocate
  15. Healthy-ish by myBody+Soul Podcasts
  16. Story Club by Giant Dwarf
  17. Shirtloads of Science by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
  18. Crappy to Happy by PodcastOne Australia
  19. The Prospectives by Adam Hurly
  20. Australian Birth Stories by Sophie Walker: Childbirth and Pregnancy Blogger
  21. Shameless by Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews

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