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What time do The Game Awards 2018 start in Australia?

Between a potential Superman game, a new Left 4 Dead and the return of goddamn Crash Tag Team Racing you can’t afford to miss a second of The Game Awards 2018.

In the four years since its inception, Geoff Keighley has almost single-handedly built the event into the biggest night of the gaming calendar.

The Game Awards are now in their fifth year and have come a long way from the awkward, haphazard mess of the first few years.

This year’s edition of The Game Awards airs live on Friday, December 7 and kicks off at 12:30pm AEDT / 11:00am ACST / 11:30am AEST / 12:00pm ACDT / 9:30am AWST.

It’s not only an awards show, but also a celebration of video games, studios, developers, content creators and fans – and this year there’s going to be plenty to celebrate. We already know that there will be ten new game announcements, including a new Far Cry and a game from Obsidian, creator of Fallout: New Vegas.

We can also expect new footage from EA’s Anthem, news about the next Dragon Age and maybe more on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Epic Games have also teased a massive reveal related to Fortnite, the game that just continues to take over the world one gamer at a time.

Oh, and how could I forget – courtesy of some fuzzy orange dice being sent to several gaming personalities, the entire industry is anticipating a remastered Crash Tag Team Racing, the fan-favourite PlayStation cart racer.

If you’re not overwhelmed by all the exciting announcements inbound then you’re not a gamer. Don’t be anxious though, there are about a trillion ways for you to watch The Game Awards 2018 live and free.

YouTube is the only provider showing the Game Awards in 4K, but if you don’t care about that then you can watch on Twitter, Facebook Live, Twitch, Steam, Playstation, Xbox Live, Mixer, IGN and Gamespot.

You can even watch on MLG and Caffeine, whatever the heck they are. And if you love watching YouTube videos embedded in your favourite Aussie tech sites, then you are welcome to watch it below:

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