Featured Image for Meet Oz du Soleil, YouTube’s funkiest Microsoft Excel tutor

Meet Oz du Soleil, YouTube’s funkiest Microsoft Excel tutor

If the mere thought of Microsoft Excel puts you to sleep, allow us to introduce the guy who somehow manages to make Excel seem cool.

Oz du Soleil teaches the world of queries, formulas and anti joins with the help of funk music, suave language and killer shirts.

Excel on Fire is a Youtube channel dedicated to the magnificent world of Microsoft’s thrilling spreadsheet program.

Yes I’m saying that with loads of sarcasm, because I’m one of those people who feels almost physical pain at the very mention of pivot tables and Visual Basic.

But with almost 8,000 subscribers and videos that average over a thousand views each, Excel master Oz du Soleil tackles the intricacies of the software with hip-hop, funk music, and the most swagger to ever grace a =SUM() function.

Imagine if Shaft had his own software tutorial section in Soul Train. It’s THAT good.

Soleil always wears killer outfits and manages to transform the intricate terminology of gridlines, data ranges and conversions into something that sounds more like a Nas album. Oz might be the only person in this world that makes Excel look cool.

With almost infinite knowledge (and swag), Oz obliterates columns, tears down dynamic hyperlinks and unravels the mysteries of Power Query like they’re nothing.

If you previously thought of a Microsoft Excel guru as a balding 40-year-old who wears socks to the beach and has a collection of New Balance sneakers, Oz is here to turn that notion on its head.

And as if he wasn’t already crazy enough, he’s obsessed with Ghost Pepper Sriracha – one of the hottest sauces you can buy. He’s even too cool for chilli to affect him.

[Feature image courtesy of Oz du Soleil]

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Comment (2)

    Oz du Soleil

    Tuesday 4 December 2018

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I really appreciate it.
    Excel. Funk. Fire. It’s all here. LOL!

      Benjamin Pineros

      Benjamin Pineros

      Tuesday 4 December 2018

      You deserve this and a thousand mentions more. Awesome content like yours always finds a way. Rock on my man!