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Red Dead Redemption 2 easter egg guide: UFO, Bigfoot, meteor, Hobbit house and more

Somewhere between all the side quests, encounters and the colossal main story of Red Dead Redemption 2, the geniuses at Rockstar Games managed to include some pretty awesome easter eggs.

I’m not talking about the kind the Easter Bunny drops off every year. I’m talking about the video game kind, which refers to hidden messages and secrets rather than chocolate goodies.

Red Dead Redemption 2 continues Rockstar’s trend of leaving a trail of subtle secrets and obscure references throughout their vast game worlds.

From UFO sightings to vampire hunting, we’ve collected the best – and quirkiest – easter eggs featured in the game and how you can find them.

Note: We’ve specifically avoided mentioning any plot spoilers, so feel free to read away with no risk of surprise!

1. Bully

Red dead bully easter egg

A screenshot of Calloway’s Revolver (Image credit: Rockstar/Reddit user TheEliteArcane)

This easter egg can be found during the mission “The Noblest of Me and a Woman”, which sees Arthur duelling famous gunslingers. After each duel, if you win, you get weapons as a prize. The last weapon that you win is a gun bearing the inscription, “Canis Canem Edit”, the title of Rockstar’s Bully in Europe. Is this a hint at a potential sequel? Probably not, but I’d love to think so.

2. The Donkey Lady

This Easter egg is a reference to a glitch in the first Red Dead Redemption which somehow combined a donkey and a woman – and allowed you to ride her (it?). In Red Dead Redemption 2 the Donkey Lady is back. If you head to Two Crows, Cholla Spring, you’ll find the remains of a woman with a donkey’s skull tied to a post. Dark, but delightful for fans of the first game.

3. Hobbit House

There’s a house built into a hill near Donner Falls that is a clear reference to J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings series. Unfortunately, you can’t enter the house and there’s no Frodo or Gandolf around, but it’s a cool nod to the popular franchise.

4. The Jungle Book

Kaa from The Jungle Book in rdr2

You may come across Kaa from The Jungle Book. (Image credit: Rockstar Games/SVG)

Speaking of pop culture references, if you travel to the marshes of Lemoyne, you can find Kaa – the enchanting snake from The Jungle Book – hanging from a tree. Luckily for you, the snake is dead, so you won’t have to worry about being hypnotised like Mowgli and the gang.

5. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

O Brother, Where Art Thou? is a film by the Coen brothers about three escaped convicts searching for hidden treasure. While the film is set 30 years after Red Dead Redemption 2, someone at Rockstar Games is evidently a fan of the movie. When travelling through the border between West Elizabeth and Lemoyne, you will come across three convicts undertaking manual labour. If you stick around to watch, you’ll see them murder the marshals that guard them and take off into the woods – just as O’Donnell, McGill and Hogwallop do in the film.

6. Graveside Visit

It’s certainly not a spoiler to say that during the campaign in Red Dead Redemption 2, several characters die. Wait a moment as I list every death… just kidding. But the cool thing about characters dying is that you can visit their graves afterwards. There’s even an in-game achievement for visiting them all. For the sake of avoiding spoilers, I won’t list any of the deceased here.

7. Meteorite

Meteor remains in rdr2

The messy remains of the meteor. (Image credit: Rockstar Games/SVG)

If you head just northeast of Roanoke Valley and Annesburg, you’ll find a house with smoke billowing from a hole in its roof. Inside you’ll see a crater – and some dead bodies left behind by the impact of a meteor. While this gruesome encounter doesn’t really reference anything, it’s a symbol of the immense attention to detail that Rockstar puts into its game world.

8. Lemoyne’s Ghosts

Lemoyne is a pretty spooky place, especially if you have the guts to walk around town late at night. If you head to the western side of Bluewater March at around 2am, you’ll hear the voice crying out in the wilderness. If you follow the voice into the shrubs, you’ll see a spectral figure in a white dress, but if you try and approach her she’ll disappear.

The ghost recounts her final moments alive in grisly detail. A phantom train also haunts the tracks northwest of Scarlett Meadows. Head there around 3am and you’ll see a ghost train speeding by. You can even ride through it on your horse.

9. UFO

There’s a decaying chapel in the eastern section of New Hanover that has one of the weirdest things you’ll experience in Red Dead Redemption 2. If you enter the chapel late at night, you’ll find it full of several dead cult members. Have a look around and collect the diary of the cult leader for information on how you can trigger the out-of-this-world event.

10. Another Undead Nightmare

Undead Nightmare 2 RDR2

Could there be another Undead Nightmare? (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Undead Nightmare was a stand-alone DLC released for Red Dead Redemption which saw the entire world of Red Dead overcome with a deadly zombie virus. There’s a reference to this if you travel to Pleasance, a town just northwest of the Lagras swamp. The words “stay out, plague” are painted on the door of the barn. It could just be a reference to the popular DLC or a sign of things to come.

11. Bigfoot

Fans have been chasing Bigfoot in Rockstar games since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and were actually able to find him in the Undead Nightmare DLC of Red Dead Redemption. In Red Dead Redemption 2 you’re also able to track the Sasquatch. To do so, you first need to have examined over 30 animals. Then, head to Calumet Ravine and on the west side of it, you’ll see birds flocking near the water. Approach the birds. They’ll fly off as you get close.

This is where it gets tricky – you’ll have to follow the birds to the best of your ability. If you’re successful, they’ll lead you to a remote cave. Head in there to chat to Bigfoot!

12. Saint Denis’ Vampire

Saint Denis is one of the biggest towns in the game and there’s plenty to find, including a bloody vampire, though tt takes some work to meet the creature of the night. All through the city, clues are written on buildings and other structures. If you follow the clues it will eventually lead you towards the vampire’s location. The investigation becomes enjoyable in itself as you learn more about Saint Denis and its residents, as well as what the heck a vampire is doing there.

13. Serial Killer

Hunt a serial killer in rdr2

Well, can you? (Image Credit: Rockstar Games/Fandom)

As if there wasn’t enough killing in Red Dead Redemption 2, there’s a serial killer operating in New Hanover. To trigger Arthur’s investigation of the grisly murders, you need to find the first ritualistic murder just southeast of Valentine. In case you somehow miss it, you’re looking for a mutilated corpse tied to a huge boulder with the words “do you see?” painted on it. From there you’ll be able to track the killer, solve the mystery and eventually confront the serial killer.

14. The Nite Folk

These creeps are basically zombies and can be found near Bluewater Marsh. If you head over there at night, you’ll find a body hanging from a tree. All you need to do is stare at it for a few seconds and Nite Folk will begin charging at you. Once you slaughter all the Nite Folk, shoot down the body and you’ll find a letter telling you all about the Nite Folk and their story.

15. Pagan Ritual

Northwest of the Owanjila Dam is an open area with a creepy Pagan ritual. You can’t miss it – just look for the impaled torso. As if the scene wasn’t creepy enough, you can actually approach the body and wear the mask that the victim is wearing.

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