Featured Image for McLaren’s new $3.2 million Speedtail is giving Ferrari a run for its money

McLaren’s new $3.2 million Speedtail is giving Ferrari a run for its money

At last, the successor of the beloved McLaren F1 will hit the road in 2019 in a limited production run of just 106 units.

The McLaren Speedtail will be the company’s most powerful hybrid vehicle yet, rocking an impressive power output of 1,035 hp and capable of reaching 402 kph.

All 106 models have already been sold to those lucky enough to have money to cover the A$3.2 million asking price.

McLaren’s latest supercar is a two door coupé with a carbon fibre structure and its passenger seats integrated into the chassis. As in other previous McLaren models, the car will sport dihedral – butterfly – doors.

The supercar accelerates from zero to 299 kph in just 12.8 seconds, and incorporates a flurry of technological additions, including the use of electrochromic glass, which darkens the windows at the push of a button.

To make the body extra sleek, the car doesn’t have any door mirrors. Instead, it uses HD cameras mounted on the fenders that stream to a pair of dashboard screens.

The cameras are designed to spread out when the ignition is turned on and retract when parked, or when “Velocity Mode” is activated.

“Velocity Mode”, which sounds like something out of the Batmobile, activates with the press of a button above the driver’s head. It retracts the rear view cameras and lowers the car by 35mm to improve aerodynamic efficiency.

The Speedtail’s panels are made from a patented flexible carbon fibre which allows the ailerons to move up and down to stabilise and slow the car when needed.

It will be the first of 18 new vehicles that McLaren will launch as part of its “Track25” business plan, an initiative announced back in July that includes a push to expand the company’s presence in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe and India.

Over the next seven years, “Track25” will focus on producing state of the art hybrid powertrains across its sports-car and supercar lineups. All of their new cars will feature augmented driving technology.

I think I know what I want for Christmas.

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