Featured Image for Amazon has reopened its US site to Aussie shoppers

Amazon has reopened its US site to Aussie shoppers

Amazon has reneged on its decision to stop shipping to Australia from its US store just in time for Black Friday sales.

The move was initially made in response to the Federal Government’s online GST changes, which require overseas companies to collect tax on products under A$1000.

Amazon introduced the change from July 1 this year, but just over four months later they’ve backflipped on the controversial decision.

The policy change comes on the back of customer complaints regarding the less-than-stellar Australian store and their inability to purchase products from the global store if they so choose.

“As a result of customer feedback, from November 22 Amazon customers will be able to ship eligible items from amazom.com to Australian delivery addresses,” an Amazon spokesman told News Corp.

At the moment, eligible items refer to those sold by Amazon on their global store. Products sold by third-party retailers through Amazon are not part of the deal yet.

“We are pleased to be able to offer Australian customers selection from Amazon.com, complementing the over 80 million products available on Amazon.com.au.

“This includes almost 20 million items from Amazon US through Global Store on amazon.com.au, many of which are eligible for fast, free shipping for Prime members in Australia.

“We will continue to work constructively with the government on the implementation and enforcement of its legislation to ensure it achieves its objective of a level playing field for all retailers and marketplaces.”

I like to believe that the “level playing field” line is a sneaky reference to comments that then-Treasurer Scott Morrison made back in June.

At the time, Morrison said that if Amazon wanted to “take their bat and ball and go home”, Aussie shoppers had “many other choices available to them”.

The timing couldn’t be better for bargain-hunting Aussies. The change went live at midnight on Wednesday, November 21, giving Australian shoppers a few days to prepare for Amazon’s notorious Black Friday sales.

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