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This glorious pod machine makes cocktails at the press of a button

American startup Drinkworks has developed a small home appliance capable of creating your favourite libations in just seconds.

Yep, everything from margaritas and mojitos to beer and daiquiris – just what every office needs besides the watercooler if you ask me.

Picture those coffee makers that work with pods. Drinkworks has developed something just like that, but for alcoholic beverages. Sounds devilishly fun.

According to the company, each pod is concocted with top-shelf ingredients and just the perfect amount of bubbles. Now you don’t need to be a certified barman to impress family and friends, just chuck in the preferred pod and you’re ready to go.

Drinkworks especially emphasises the quality of the products used in their drinks. They claim they take the trouble to utilise only the best and most authentic ingredients, from actual Kentucky bourbon in their old fashioned pods to real Mexican agave in their margaritas.

The range of drinks available on this thing is insane: cosmopolitans, mai tais, daiquiris, vodka lime sodas, gin and tonics, margaritas, Moscow mules, mojitos, old fashioned, red sangria and more.

Even more impressively, Drinkworks also offers beer pods in three different variants.

What has the world come to when we can make a brew in the kitchen, just like coffee? The moral implications of such a thing are just mind-boggling.

The product is backed by Keurig, an industry leader in the manufacturing of pods and home beverage brewing systems. They’re particularly known for their coffees, teas and fruit-based drinks.

Drinkworks will start shipping next year, and these deliciously evil machines are up for pre-order right now and go for $299 (A$412). The pods go for $15 (A$20). The bad news? The company is currently only shipping to parts of the United States as part of an early access program, but fingers crossed it makes its way to Australia before too long.

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