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Click Frenzy 2018: Start time, deals, tips and tricks

For 24 hours in November, shopaholics will be able to pick up insane deals and exclusive offers through Click Frenzy from a bunch of participating retailers.

And it’s the perfect way to kickstart your Christmas shopping. Click Frenzy offers the chance for you to avoid the shopping centres full of squealing kids and shop from the leisure of your couch, your bed or even the local pub.

Launched in 2012 as the first nationally recognised online mega-sale, Click Frenzy opens annually for 24 hours on the second Tuesday in November.

To clarify, that means that Click Frenzy 2018 begins at 7PM (AEDT) on Tuesday, November 13. Make sure to subscribe to qualify for the sale.

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Online shopping can be stressful, but this lady has the right strategy.

Click Frenzy works alongside online stores to centralise all their deals into a single shopping experience. You don’t need to have a trillion tabs open to compare prices or search for a particular site. It’s all there in the one spot.

From the Click Frenzy website, you can browse through thousands of deals and make a list of all your choices. Once you’re ready, you’ll be taken through to the relevant store to make the final purchase.

More than 250 retail stores and brands will participate in the sale, including Myer, Sony, Big W, Rebel, Dell, Cotton On and more. Products will cover everything from fashion to beauty, toys, sleepwear and liquor.

Last year, more than a million Aussies opened up their wallets for the outstanding sales. Some items were up to 99% off their regular price; LED TVs and Xbox One S consoles were sold for as little as $3.

Be warned, though – the limited time period and general popularity of the sale puts a lot of stress on the Click Frenzy stock levels and website. At times it can feel like more of a lottery than a sale.

Prepare for the hottest items to sell out within minutes, and if the sale is anything like previous years, lots of time spent loading and refreshing web pages.

Speaking to News.com.au, retail expert Brian Walker gave shoppers some tips to maximise your chances of nabbing those big-ticket items.

“It’s about being there at the starter’s gun and giving yourself every opportunity. It is a case of buyer beware and of the customer getting in very quickly, and being aware of the terms and conditions,” Walker said.

“Having realistic expectations is very important. Above all, Click Frenzy Mayhem is designed to create excitement which leads to high-impulse sales, so activity will be strong.”

Click Frenzy Sale Techly Tips

With so much pressure surrounding the 24-hour event, here are some tips to ensure that you give yourself the best chance to pick up the hottest deals.

  1. Make sure you’re subscribed to Click Frenzy.
  2. Check your inbox — Click Frenzy will be sending emails full of special deals and instructions.
  3. Only Mastercard and Visa are accepted — no PayPal
  4. Turn off your Ad Blocker — banners on the site will offer exclusive sales that you’ll miss otherwise.
  5. Refresh your webpage constantly to ensure all the stock levels are up to date.
  6. Move quickly — practice that mouse finger.
  7. To aid with staying calm and focussed, consider shopping with a glass of wine or a cold beer nearby.
  8. Follow Click Frenzy on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out on any news.

Good luck!

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