Featured Image for This awesome fan-made trailer has us craving a Star Wars anime

This awesome fan-made trailer has us craving a Star Wars anime

Just when I thought Star Wars had reached saturation point, like Luke fishing with that giant spear in The Last Jedi, the franchise hooks me back in.

Although this time, it’s not the guys and gals at Lucasfilm or Disney that have me excited again.

It’s Dmitry Grozov, a freelance artist and animator known as Ahriman, who’s made a trailer for Star Wars: A New Hope in the style of a Japanese anime.

And it’s out of this world.

The two-minute-long work of art is like the perfect love-child of Akira and Star Wars. Take a look:

Can it get any more awesome? Grozov completely nails the ’80s anime aesthetic and combines it with clear adoration for Star Wars.

From Princess Leia’s flowing white outfit to Han and Chewie slumped in the corner of the Mos Eisley Cantina to Luke framed by Tatooine’s pink sky, the imagery and attention to detail are stunning.

After watching it you can’t help but want more. Fans in the video’s comment section on YouTube are pleading it to be turned into a feature-length film.

One user, Luigino Roa, said: “Could we have this instead of Episode IX? Please, Disney?”

The 3,200 likes on his comment suggest many viewers would prefer that, too. Unfortunately, the idea of Disney adapting such an idea is about as likely as C3P0 having something positive to say.

In some ways, the anime trailer brings the series full circle. The original films – and George Lucas himself – were highly influenced by Japanese epics like The Seven SamuraiRashomon and any other Akira Kurosawa films.

For the time being, fans of Star Wars and animation will have to stick to Star Wars Rebels or Star Wars Resistance.

Both are aimed at younger audiences, but I will say that season two of Star Wars Rebels had one of the all-time great lightsaber battles.

You can support Ahriman on his Patreon page.

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