Featured Image for This beautiful video game brings language to life in an interactive stop-motion universe

This beautiful video game brings language to life in an interactive stop-motion universe

Danish author Morten Sondergaard has collaborated with animator Johan Oettiger and the puppet animation studio Wired Fly, to create a story-driven video game that brings language to life.

Vokabulantis is an episodic game that merges a point-and-click adventure with puzzle-based gameplay. In it, you control two characters and steer them through an intricate stop-motion world.

Vokabulantis stop motion character

A creepy stop-motion character / Image Credit: Vokabulantis

According to the Vokabulantis website:

“The game makes language tangible. The tactility of puppet films in an interactive universe is for us the complete realisation of the idea of making language something, you can physically interact with and not just letters on papers or screens.”

The premise of the game is outwardly simple. Kurt and Karla, our two protagonists, have fallen in love. The problem is that when this happened (and before they could say the words to each other), the “World of Language” fell out of balance.

The goal is to restore this balance by solving one puzzle at a time.

Vokabulantis stop motion characters

Kurt and Karla / Image Credit: Vokabulantis

Vokabulantis stop motion characters

In the game you control both Kurt and Karla / Image Credit: Vokabulantis

Kurt and Karla each have special powers that you’ll have to harness to complete the game, which “focuses on cooperation between the game characters to solve puzzles.”

It is a single-player game, but you are able to switch between characters as much as you like. Cooperation between the protagonists is essential to finding the answers.

You’ll be even more convinced once you watch this video showing the insane labour that goes into creating stop-motion art. Imagine Coraline, or Kubo and the Two Strings, but in video game form.

It’s an insanely ambitious project, and one that’s exciting for the gaming industry.

Vokabulantis will be released on PC, with the possibility of console ports in future. You can sign up here to keep up to date with the game’s development.

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