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Sorry, grandma: California is officially banning ‘weak passwords’ from 2020

If your password is the word “password” some might argue you deserve to get hacked, and if you’re in California, it’s time to take your password choices seriously.

The state has declared that by 2020, net-connected devices must have higher security regulations, demanding that any gadgets manufactured in the area must be given a unique password when it is created.

The Information Privacy: Connected Devices bill will enforce the use of generated passwords and other security-related gadgets to tighten the loopholes which have traditionally allowed hackers to inflict more damage.

The new legislation will further be enforced on companies with the threat that customers will be able to sue under the laws if they find their gadgets don’t have the appropriate security measures in place.

In 2016, popular social media sites such as Reddit, Twitter and Spotify were hacked due through the use of poor passwords via net-connected gadgets.

Whilst the legislation is good news, The Register writer Kieran McCarthy suggests the bill overlooked a major loophole for hackers – targeting failure to update software.

According to McCarthy, many hackers benefit from software which is unable to keep up to date with the latest security threats.

“The largest companies – like Apple, for example – go to some trouble to prod their users into downloading and installing updates where security fixes are often mixed with new or improved features.

“But you only have to look at the long delays in security updates with Google and Android to see that without some kind of persistent prodding or shiny incentive, updates do not happen.”

With everyone’s lives on the internet nowadays, it’s a wonder bills such as this are only recently being introduced around the world. Hopefully the legislation will encourage other states and countries to follow suit, and maybe they’ll take notice of McCarthy’s words of warning.

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