Featured Image for An artist built a miniature version of Apple’s Cupertino campus out of Lego

An artist built a miniature version of Apple’s Cupertino campus out of Lego

If there’s one thing Lego doesn’t really need to worry about, it’s marketing.

Lego fans have been cooking up some of the most brilliant and applaud-worthy Lego structures for years – like this Lego Macbook – keeping the brand (and Apple, for that matter) in the limelight at no cost of its own.

Most recently, designer Spencer_R went and built a mega-sized version of Apple’s new Cupertino spaceship campus – more commonly known as Apple Park.

The park used 85,000 pieces of Lego and took just over two years to complete. Much of that time was actually spent not just building, but also watching drone footage of the campus’ construction.

Apple Park Lego

Birds-eye view.

Apple Park Lego

It is an insanely intricate model, which includes everything from the glass-walled Steve Jobs theatre to the 100-year-old Glendenning Barn which was brought in and reassembled on the park’s grounds.

Steve Jobs mini Theatre

Steve Jobs Theatre.

Tiny Lego house

It also features employee parking garages and a few tiny tennis and basketball courts.

Perhaps most astounding is the number of trees Spencer had to build – 1,646 in total, surely making it the greenest of all his constructions. The structure measures at approximately 2m x 1.38m and weighs about 35.4kg.

This project was a slight deviation from the usual for Spencer, who predominantly focuses on building replicas of famous skyscrapers, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building, at a 1/650th scale.

It’s fair to say this ain’t your average hobby.

R&D Building

R&D Building.

Lead and body image credit: Fabrizio Constantini

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