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You bloody beauty: Violet Crumble is making a triumphant return to Australia

Australians are really being treated this week on the confectionery front (hello Golden Gaytime Unicorn Crumbs).

The old favourite chocolate-and-honeycomb-bar-of-delight, Violet Crumble, has just been acquired by South Australian company Robern Menz.

Yes, all you Australian crumblers out there can now call the classic chocolate your own.

The Australian confectionery company bought the brand from Nestle’ earlier this year, and production is now set to start after a $4million refit of the Menz factory.

Classic Crumble fans will be happy to hear that the company intends to keep the packaging and recipe (which is apparently a century old) the same. Speaking with Nine News, Phil Sims, Robern Menz CEO, says: “The number one priority is to make sure that recipe is unchanged since 1913, that Australians have known and grown to love.”

“The violet crumble now has a chance to be rejuvenated and energy and investment put back into one of the great brands that Australians have grown and loved.

The production of the bar will happen out of Glynde, in the city’s eastern suburbs. The refit was no easy thing, requiring the delivery of more than nine double semi-trailer truckloads of equipment from the Nestle’ factory in Melbourne.

The buying of the brand has meant 30 new staff have been hired, and the company intends to expand production by more than a third.

You can expect six million Violet Crumbles to hit supermarket shelves each year (not all at once, of course).

Lead image: @menzvioletcrumble via Instagram

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