Featured Image for AFP finds $57 million worth of MDMA hidden in sausage-making machines

AFP finds $57 million worth of MDMA hidden in sausage-making machines

A huge drug bust means 1.7 million ecstasy tablets won’t hit the Sydney market, and a whole lot of sausages won’t be making it to Bunnings.

Smugglers are getting creative with their shipment methods as it becomes increasingly difficult to get large quantities of illicit substances into Australia.

Nearly half a tonne of MDMA was seized in a targeted operation by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Australian Border Force. The mega shipment of methamphetamine, which originated from Turkey, was found concealed in a shipment of sausage-making machines.

The shipment, destined for a supermarket, also contained chocolate bars and air freshener. Officials replaced the drugs with fake packages and allowed them to be shipped to their final supermarket destination in Auburn.

According to ABC News, AFP detective superintendent Kirsty Scofield said the large shipment was indicitative of the community’s “thirst” for illicit drugs.

The ABC’s report states that three men who are part of a “larger syndicate” supplying the Sydney market have been arrested for involvement and will potentially face life sentences. The owners of the supermarket are believed not to have been involved in the smuggling operation.

The sting has been credited as being an impressive cooperative effort between the Federal Police and Border Force. It was less than a week from “detection at the border to arrest”, Schofield said.

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