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Where to get Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for only $56

You better hurry, because the cheapest offering of Treyarch’s latest game are running out faster than ammunition into a horde of zombies.

There’s no single-player campaign this year, but there’s plenty of zombies to kill, as well as the new Blackout battle royale mode that makes Fortnite look like a particularly wholesome Saturday morning cartoon.

The game is out on Friday October 12th and has about a trillion special editions that you can buy, but we’ve tracked down the cheapest for you.

The Gamesmen — an independent Aussie retailer — are selling Call of Duty Black Ops 4 for $55.80 on their eBay store, with limited copies available for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Copies on PC have already sold out, so console players should get in quickly.

The price says $62, but a 10% discount will be applied once you use the code PUMPKIN at checkout. Even the $62 wouldn’t be the end of the world — it’s cheaper than what JB Hi-Fi and EB Games are charging.

It was an especially big saving for those PC players lucky enough to grab a copy. The rest of us will have to pay at least $89.95 via the Battle.net store.

The eBay listing says that all copies of the game will be posted this Wednesday, so people living in metropolitan areas should see the package arrive safely on Friday.

Those living in more rural areas run the risk of not having the game delivered until Monday or Tuesday, but a more accurate estimate is available on eBay by entering your postcode on the listing.

Remember that stock is limited, so if you’re hesitant about pulling the trigger, you better make your mind up soon. Over 1,000 copies have been sold between Xbox One and PS4, so it’s safe to assume that there aren’t too many left.

Black Ops 4 promises a groundbreaking Call of Duty experience. It features all-new multiplayer combat, the most expansive zombies mode ever — with three new missions at launch — and Blackout, a huge battle royale experience in the biggest map in franchise history.

It’s huge, it’s wild, it’s Call of Duty. And it can be yours for $56 bucks.

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