Featured Image for Attention Australia! Human-sized Pac-Man mazes are about to pop up all over the country

Attention Australia! Human-sized Pac-Man mazes are about to pop up all over the country

For one day only, Pac-Man fans in Australia will get the chance to experience what’s it like to be lost in a dark maze while being chased by multicoloured neon ghosts.

Now that I think of it, that sounds like an absolutely terrifying prospect.

The life-size Pac-Maze will replicate the classic arcade from the 80’s, complete with the tiny yellow dots and the dreaded chasing ghosts. In this interactive experience, the objective will be to find hidden prices before the ghosts get you.

Organisers say the interactive experience will pop up any time during the next few months in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

The location and exact dates are a complete mystery, and there will only be 500 tickets available for each event.

“Looking for the perfect place to escape with your mates? We are creating the ultimate nostalgic Pac-Man inspired escape maze in Melbourne for just one day only. This immersive escape room brings you a full-size maze with the chance to lose yourself in a pixelated world.” reads the official description of this retro bash.

Right now the only way to stay in the loop and have a chance to attend is by signing up on the official website for a pre-release ticket.

Organizers make sure to disclose they are not associated with the original Pac-Man video-game developed by Namco and first published in 1980.

Aside from being one of the most critically and commercially successful video-games in history, Pac-Man is a cultural and social phenomenon. It has inspired more than 30 officially licensed game spin-offs, a flurry of unauthorized clones, feature films, animated series, fashion brands and even a Google Doodle.

The game is part of the collection of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, and New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

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