Featured Image for Feast your eyes on Renault’s lavish new automated concept car, the EZ-Ultimo

Feast your eyes on Renault’s lavish new automated concept car, the EZ-Ultimo

At the Paris Motor Show, Renault unveiled what is basically the most lavish combination of a superyacht, a hotel room and an electric car that you could ever imagine.

The new self-driving car concept, the EZ-Ultimo, is an automated, electric, luxury limousine designed to transport rich people around in maximum comfort and privacy.

Renault is calling it a “premium mobility experience”, a kind of first-class lounge on wheels inspired by French elegance.

The sleek, futuristic exterior of the Renault EZ-Ultimo.

The futuristic body of the car is 5.8 metres long and just 1.35 metres high. The roof is made from glass that works like a one-way mirror for the utmost privacy of its three occupants, while the remainder of the exterior resembles a Batmobile wrapped in a diamond snakeskin.

If you think the exterior makes the car look like a prop from Blade Runner 2049, the illusion is only furthered once the doors slide open with what I can only imagine is a satisfying hiss.

But the interior is even more impressive. Extravagant is an understatement. Surfaces are made out of real marble, framed with wood panelling, leather seats and lights with dimmer switches.

The vehicle has a spacious, sophisticated interior well-suited to super villains.

“The EZ-ULTIMO cabin is presented as an intimate cocoon in which everything is done to make passengers feel like in a living room,” content and digital manager Emmanual Genty said in a blog post.

Putting aside the faintly erotic language of Renault’s description of the vehicle, the inside is definitely fancier than my lounge room.

There’s one giant swivelling armchair (perfect for James Bond villains) and a roomy bench seat opposite. The windows are covered in white lattice and, of course, the windows are completely blacked out to keep prying eyes away from the evil genius meetings that will inevitably be held inside.

While this is only a concept, the French motor company envisions an entire fleet of EZ vehicles in the near future. Perhaps some of them won’t be aimed exclusively at billionaires, but hey, probably not.

There’s plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

“This autonomous, connected and 100% electric ‘robo-vehicle’ explores the shared mobility of tomorrow from the emotional side.”

“Its promise: to provide you with a premium and immersive mobility experience, for a single trip, an hour or a day.”

Car exhibitions are mainly for companies to catch the eyes and imaginations of car lovers across the world, and the EZ-Ultimo has certainly done that.

It gives us the chance to imagine what might be to come in the future, and inspire engineers to make that a reality.

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