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Modern day hero perfectly sums up Australia in viral Facebook post

Australia is a proud nation of meat pies, Tim Tams and never being more than a metre away from some sort of lethal creature.

And one heroic Aussie, Sean Steele from Perth, has taken that national pride and turned it into one of the best Facebook posts we’ve ever seen.

The post details a day in the life of a typical Aussie, starting at 6:30am when obviously everyone wakes up being Australian.

Check out the iconic post on Facebook or read it below:

>be Australian
>alarm goes off at 6.30am
>still wearing hivis from yesterde
>three different Prime Ministers have come and gone overnight
>fourth one is about to be sworn in
>make brekky
>bite into strawberry
>cop a sewing needle through the roof of the mouth
>can’t feel it because still pissed from the fifteen cans of Emu Export last night
>drive to site
>Fooeys are playing on Triple M, fucken grouse
>bite into a meat pie at lunch
>full of sewing needles and redback spiders
>drop pie and make apprentice pick it all up
>knock off at 2
>straight to bottleo
>block of bushchook and a pouch of white ox
>open pouch to roll a smoke
>full of sewing needles and blue ring octopuses
>get stung and stabbed multiple times
>she’ll be right mate
>crack tinnie
>turn on telly
>another leadership spill means a fifth Prime Minister is being sworn in
>NSW government has just banned nightclubs, festivals, alcohol, cars, walking, sneezing, and the concept of joy
>absolute bloody outrage this is
>walk back into kitchen and open fridge
>full of sewing needles and a great white shark
>get eaten
>it’s me RDO tomorra so she’ll be right

Don’t you just hate it when you open the fridge and a Great White falls out? Just another day in the life of an Aussie.

In an interview with news.com.au, Steele said the post was just written on a whim during his morning coffee and went viral when a friend asked if he could make it public.

“Several other profiles and pages had copied it, most gave me credit. There are tens of thousands of likes and comments and shares total I think,” he said.

“It’s pretty surreal, it’s just something I threw together offhand. I took an existing meme format and threw some current events and well-worn Australianisms in there. Poking fun at our idiosyncratic, privileged, dynamic country and identity.

“The reaction has been great. I’ve seen Australians tagging their friends from overseas and planning their visit to Australia. If it does end up generating some international holidays that would be grouser than an RDO straight after a long weekend.”

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