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This game-changing Aussie invention is making wind power a reality

Despite a wealth of natural blessings, renewable energy in Australia has faced an uphill battle.

A government that’s been unapologetically committed to the coal industry, bureaucratic bungles by their predecessors and slowing investment have proven to be difficult roadblocks for the industry.

Coal still generates 73 per cent of our total electricity capacity, with renewable lagging behind at just 14 per cent.

They um…they really like coal.

Thankfully though, while our politicians and business leaders are falling short, there are plenty of dedicated and clever Australians picking up the slack.

Cue Joss Kesby.

The University of Newcastle PhD candidate developed an innovative wind turbine that’s twice as efficient as any other in the market.

The incredible breakthrough saw him invited to take part in CSIRO’s ON Accelerate program and the inaugural Stanford Australia Foundation scholarship to study at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Developing the turbine with Diffuse Energy, it’s currently being used on maritime vessels – but the group have much bigger plans for the product.

We sat down with Joss on ‘Techly Talks’ to pick his brains about these grand ambitions, as well as the state of renewable in energy in Australia.

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