Featured Image for A ‘repulsive’ Aussie real estate ad is causing a storm on social media

A ‘repulsive’ Aussie real estate ad is causing a storm on social media

Let’s be honest, real estate agents don’t have the best reputation, and one Melbourne agency clearly wanted to push that message by releasing a pretty controversial advert.

Based in Narre Warren, Melbourne, Only Estate Agents have made headlines after creating an advert which shows an employee holding two rottweilers by the lead, accompanied by the caption:

“Here’s 2 reasons we’ll get your rent on time. Meet Bruce and Gary.”

Controversial ad by Melbourne real estate agency Only Estate Agents.

Naturally, the internet blew up because let’s face it, threatening those behind on rent with being mauled by dogs is not cool.

It also doesn’t help the movement to stop targeting “bad” dog breeds and instead target bad owners.

Furious members of the public took to Twitter to condemn the real estate agency, calling the ad “tone deaf” and “irresponsible”.

B&T reports the company posted the image on social media before removing it light of the severe backlash, with owner Khalid Sarwari apologising for the “tongue in chek” ad.

Over 30% of Australian’s rent, and at a time when, for many, renting is the only option, the backlash to the advert is unsurprising.

We think Bruce and Gary just want to be 10/10 good dogs, to be honest.

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