Featured Image for Molar Mic: The futuristic military gadget revolutionising wireless communication

Molar Mic: The futuristic military gadget revolutionising wireless communication

War may be hell, but the military has been responsible for some of the world’s greatest advances in technology.

Now, thanks in part to funding from the United States Department of Defense, we could be about to say goodbye to those cumbersome headsets that keep you from getting fined when you’re on the phone in the car.

The Molar Mic is a new personal communication system that parent company Sonitus Technologies claims “creates a new audio path ‘supersense’ for wireless communication, eliminating the need for ear pieces, microphones and wires on the head”.

“A secure, comfortable mouthpiece that clips on your tooth becomes the single point of contact for incoming and outgoing wireless audio communication and augmented awareness,” reads the company’s website.

That’s right – instead of clipping onto your ear, the Molar Mic clips onto your tooth.

Soldier silhouette using Molar Mic

This means your entire body blocks out exterior noises, allowing for crystal clear communication in loud, confusing situations – such as natural disasters, or the battlefield.

There are some other bits and pieces – a “low-vis neckloop” that helps to establish the loop between the waterproof microphone kept in the mouth, and a wireless remote that is pressed to talk – but the real star of the show is, of course, the microphone that snaps onto the tooth.

Molar mic on mould of human teeth.

However, the name “Molar Mic” is actually somewhat misleading. Rather than simply a way of giving clear instruction, it also allows for clear instruction to be received.

“Essentially, what you are doing is receiving the same type of auditory information that you receive from your ear, except that you are using a new auditory pathway — through your tooth, through your cranial bones — to that auditory nerve,” Peter Hadrovic, CEO of Sonitus Technologies, told Defense One.

“You can hear through your head as if you were hearing through your ear.”

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