Featured Image for The wedding proposal embedded in ‘Spider-Man’ on PS4 just took a dark turn

The wedding proposal embedded in ‘Spider-Man’ on PS4 just took a dark turn

As the saying says, “You can’t always get what you want.”

That statement has become a harsh truth for gamer Tyler Schultz, who tweeted at Insomniac Games last May to share his incredibly geeky and romantic idea: to have a marriage proposal to his girlfriend embedded in Marvel’s Spider-Man, the highly anticipated action-adventure game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 that has since become one of the best selling titles of the year.

Incredibly, his tweet gained some traction and Insomniac agreed to the request.

After throwing some ideas back and forth with Schultz in private, the loving gesture finally came to fruition. In an intersection in the game’s huge map, players can read “Maddie, will you marry me?” on the marquee of a theatre.

Schultz’s idea was to have his girlfriend play the game and make her find the message, only to follow up her surprise and bewilderment with the ring.

At this point, the story seems perfect, even worthy of being immortalised in a cheesy flick starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. Wait, no, that’d be awful. But anyway, if this was the end of it, it’s a tale so sweet it could serve as a poignant and timeless reminder that love, as they say, always prevails.

The problem is, love sometimes sucks.

Schultz posted a YouTube video two days after the game’s release, praising the title and thanking the developers. However, he also said the gesture could probably be “the saddest Easter egg in gaming history” – because as it turns out, after a five-year relationship, his girlfriend left him for his brother a few weeks prior to the game’s release.

Jacinda Chew, art director of Spider-Man, offered on Twitter to remove the message in the next patch for the game. The broken-hearted gamer’s initial response was that he didn’t want to change the sign, but he later came forward with an idea for what the new sign could read.

In an interview with Kotaku, Schultz revealed he’s thinking of replacing the ill-fated marriage proposal with the name of his grandmother, who sadly passed away from cancer.

According to Schultz, she not only gave him his first Spider-Man comic book but also gifted him with a reprint of the iconic Amazing Fantasy #15, Peter Parker’s first appearance.

Since the scandalous breakup, Tyler has posted two follow up videos, one stating he doesn’t want any hate towards his brother or ex-flame, and another recording his reactions to all the media coverage over his story.

Aside from producing the biggest nerd gossip of the year, Spider-Man has been a critical and commercial success so far, selling more copies than any other title released this year and turning into the fastest-selling Marvel-branded video game of all time.

Lead image: Insomniac Games via Polygon

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