Featured Image for Compete for glory at Sydney’s official handball tournament this Sunday

Compete for glory at Sydney’s official handball tournament this Sunday

Remember handball? Think you’ve got game? This weekend’s your chance to prove once and for all that you’re the Ace.

This Sunday, September 16, in the sunny beer garden of Public House Petersham, the battle is on as the official Sydney handball tournament takes place. There’ll be music, a barbecue, and some furious games of handball.

That’s right, the hallowed game from your childhood is back. You know exactly what we’re talking about. Kevin Rudd definitely knows what we’re talking about.

Think back to your primary school days and those sunny recesses when you’d scoff down the Bega Stringers your mum packed in your lunchbox, sprint to secure your place on the court, and ready your palms for some ferocious schoolyard action. The war continued to wage in some high schools, where the serves grew stronger and the feuds lasted longer, but the battles were always vicious no matter the terrain.

See, the court wasn’t just four hastily painted boxes. It was a gladiatorial arena, a modern colosseum where legends were born. A place where friendships were broken over ‘fulls’, and where even the fiercest foes united in a cry of ‘innos!’ if some unsuspecting passerby was foolish enough to interfere.

It was more than a game. Those four (or six) squares symbolised man’s struggle through the ages. In a single match, you could rise up the hierarchy – from Dunce, to Queen, to King – and achieve the ultimate glory of Ace.

But just like Napoleon invading Russia, or Alexander the Great charging through Egypt, one mistake was all it took to lose everything you had worked so hard to build.

This Sunday is your chance to relive those glory days. Your chance to prove that you’re the Ace, not only of your tiny primary school, but of the entire city.

So message your granny and tell her that you can’t make it to Sunday lunch. Even better, tell her to dust off the Dunlop Volleys and come on down.

All you (and granny) have to do is register for the tournament. Don’t worry, it’s free.

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